Modern PowerPoint Templates 2021: Revised

  1. How to Create Impressive and Up-to-date Modern PowerPoint Templates
  2. What are the Best Backgrounds for Modern PowerPoint Templates?
  3. How and Where to Choose Modern PowerPoint Templates

Modern PowerPoint Templates. It is difficult to overestimate the power of a great presentation for a successful business. Even though you may write off PowerPoint as an outdated tool, it still has its benefits. The means itself rarely get old-fashioned if you know how to bring them to life in a way that feels relevant and fresh.

Modern PowerPoint templates perfectly demonstrate the point by utilizing the latest trends in web design. Still have some doubts? Scroll further and you’ll get acquainted with what PowerPoint can do and how to create a beautiful presentation.

How to Create Impressive and Up-to-date Modern PowerPoint Templates

Your “selling” presentation will be one of the thousands of advertising messages that a person sees daily. How can you distinguish it from the mass? A large number of marketers use the tactic of “screaming” or vulgar messages which aren’t valid at all. Such advertising can attract attention and increase recognition but is unlikely to ignite trust.

A much more practical option is to use modern design trends because large brands have allocated billions of dollars for their distribution and have already "accustomed" people to them. Have you heard of Apple or Marvel-style design? That’s exactly what we’re talking about. Take an idea and transform it into another form of modern PowerPoint design.

Imitate a Scroll-effect

People are used to working with long sites and scrolling information from top to bottom. So much that they try to scroll the screen of a stationary computer or a book. Why not use this scroll effect to draw attention to your presentation?

Here’s how: Take alternate slides. The first is a picture for the entire slide and large text. You can add several translucent icons or numbers. Make the next slide with color fill. It will be convenient to insert graphs and charts here. Then you can add another slide with a fill or again a slide with a large photo. Transitions between slides need to be set using the standard PowerPoint animation tool. To do this, select the effect of switching between the “Shift” or “Push” slides.

Create a story

Today, the concept of storytelling is firmly entrenched in one of the content areas. One can often observe storytelling on social networks that convinces the reader to purchase a product or service, referring to the story about how it helped the author. A few years ago, the principle of storytelling became entrenched in web design and proved to be leading to high results. With the help of a visually designed story you can hold the reader’s attention for a long time, motivating them to take further actions: look at the site, learn more about the company, and browse its products or services.

Here’s how: no technical details here–the best way to adapt this to the sleek PowerPoint templates is to start with a story, its structure and core message, and go from there. You can try to use each slide as a snapshot, whether it shows text or images for demonstrative purposes.

Make It Pop

The asceticism movement allowed brands to stand out even with small budgets, but customers got bored with it very quickly. As a logical development of the trend of avoiding strict design, bright color combinations and gradients appeared. Managing them in presentations is much more difficult. Still, they allow companies to showcase their truly personal style and be remembered.

Here’s how: You can combine asceticism and color on slides, putting your company's product on a flashy background. The extra hint would be doing it with only one product, without additional abstracts and icons. In this case, you have a chance of winning over the hearts of the strictest investors.

powerpoint templates

What are the Best Backgrounds for Modern PowerPoint Templates?

The freedom to play with a background is yours to enjoy since there are no rules to follow. The only thing to note is the compatibility and user-friendliness that came to us from modern web design. The background should stay exactly what it is, the frame–not the main star of the show. It also should work with the forefront material so that they work in tandem and don’t overpower one another. Here are a few ideas to think about.

Bold Combinations

Trendy, modern PowerPoint samples impress with rich and vibrant color schemes. The main thing to take into account is its appropriate use and harmonious combination of shades, as well as the use of additional techniques for their search.

Soft Gradients

The gradient effect lost popularity in recent years, but returned in 2019 with an updated adaptation. The soft transitions of saturated or muted tones are the real trend of the current year while the most stylish of them are two-color gradient transitions consisting of harmonious shades.

Duplex Technique

The framework design of two colors and their mid-tones looks stylish and is very attention-worthy in general. This technology has already gained popularity among the leading modern presentation templates. Such an innovative technique is often implemented when keeping the whole concept and structure is desired. The minor addition helps to make updates and bring the novelty factor without the changes which are literally beyond recognition.

Texture Mix

To make a modern PowerPoint theme interesting, you can use an additional texture mix. Metal and wood are the most popular options.

Pantone Choice

This year ultraviolet is recognized as the No. 1 color. It’s based on the combination of blue and purple, resulting in a color of stunning beauty and depth. Lavender, lilac, and purple are also in trend since these colors evoke attention and promote high concentration.

How and Where to Choose Modern PowerPoint Templates

We all know that starting from scratch is exhausting and time-consuming. That’s why there are hundreds of modern PPT templates out there. The question is how do you make the right choice and get satisfied with the outcome? The most generally sounding, nonetheless, useful piece of advice is knowing what to look for. First, recognize the feeling you want and need to convey. Imagine what it could look like and which elements, colors, and shapes are present there. Only then do you get to explore the market and search for something similar.

In terms of quality, the Slidemaster options are preferred, due to the smooth editing possibilities. The most popular options also come in a few color schemes which allow for additional flexibility.

Below you’ll find our top-10, with the items that are versatile enough but still are unique in their own way and stand out from the rest. Here we go!

Exclusive Infographics Bundle


2200 animated infographics bundle PowerPoint template is an exclusive website theme characterized by an uncomplicated installation process, fast page loading, and SEO-optimization. It is all gadgets compatible as well for your convenience. Additionally, when selecting this template, you receive 1 year-long full professional tech support. It is also one of the best modern PowerPoint templates available in the market today. Let's check out some of the most important characteristics of it: 

  • Page loading high speed.
  • Efficient setup.
  • Practical navigation.
  • 1year long 24/7 technical support and many others.

Rely on our product, and we make sure you get the best out of it.

Animated Infographics Bundle PowerPoint Template


Exclusive isometric animated illustrations PowerPoint template has been developed as a fully adaptive, fast loading, and SEO-optimized web template. A big font collection is incorporated into this template too. Also, it is one of the most popular themes among modern PowerPoint templates represented in the market. Check out some of the major features of it: 

  • Loading high speed.
  • Efficient layout.
  • Practical navigation.
  • 24/7 tech assistance and many others.

Use this template in your project and make your dream come true!

Modern 2200 Animated Infographics


Consider one of our best modern PowerPoint templates - medical animated infographics PowerPoint theme. It is completely adaptable, fast and easy to install and SEO optimized. It also comes in a bunch of 12 different layouts that are super flexible. A collection of awesome fonts are there, too, for your convenience. We guarantee that this template is based on high-quality code. So, the main features are:

  1. High loading speed.
  2. Flexible design.
  3. Easy and fast navigation.
  4. 24/7 technical assistance.

Enjoy the best medical animated infographics PowerPoint template and make your business profitable with its help. 

Excel Charts Animated Infographic PowerPoint


This template is an excellent option if you are willing to create a proficient web presentation. It is one of the most popular themes of our professional business PowerPoint templates. Some of the most significant characteristics of isometric animated illustrations PowerPoint template are exceptional design, highly responsive design, and SEO-optimization. Helpful technical assistance is there at your service too. If you choose to select this template, you will receive frequent free updates. Go through its important aspects below:

  1. Unique modern layout.
  2. SEO-optimized.
  3. Adaptable formats.
  4. Competent technical assistance.

Start using isometric animated illustrations PowerPoint template on your website and get a kick out of its tremendous advantages. 

Photo Slides PowerPoint Template


This template is an excellent option if you are into creating an original presentation web project. There are 70 different slides available to meet the needs of any kind of demand. Among the collection of modern PowerPoint templates available at our marketplace, it is one of the most famous. It could be described as a highly responsive and adaptive theme. SEO optimization is also available, along with full technical support. When choosing photo slides PowerPoint template, you receive regular free updates to it. Go through its crucial characteristics below:

  1. Outstanding original layout.
  2. SEO-optimized.
  3. Flexible setups.
  4. Qualified technical assistance.

 Our product is an essential investment into your business's thriving future.

Arrow - Infographic PowerPoint Template

Arrow - Infographic PowerPoint Template

The human brain processes visual information much faster than textual information, thus, a stable trend of replacing charts with full-fledged infographics with history and pictures is evident. The Arrow Infographic modern PowerPoint presentation helps the audience not only perceive the information faster, but remember it better. If you have a lot of numbers and statistics, then visually appealing and comprehensive infographics in the presentation should be your priority. You don’t even have to use the numbers. Usage of colors is also great and makes up not only for memorable data but for the essential “virality” as well.

Minimalist - Clean Business PowerPoint Template

Minimalist - Clean Business PowerPoint Template

Now the trend for a modern presentation design is minimalism and the removal of all shadow and reflective elements, 3D-shapes, and so on. Everything should be clean, understandable, but no less beautiful as in this template. The set includes master slides, elements that you can simply drag and drop into the slide, vector shapes, free fonts, and much more. You also have a lot of room for a well-chosen photograph that will tell the story better than the dry words and touch the deeper strings of the soul of your audience.

Modern Office PowerPoint Template

Modern Office PowerPoint Template

This chic PPT template’s design offers three color combinations that are quite original in terms of general tone for presentation. The bright hues in two of them are accompanied by a neutral background while sticking to the high contrast rule. This is essential for a screen presentation since the projector is limited in colors and can turn some colors into an unclear mess or they simply become invisible. The third palette is of grey with strokes of blue that can work with almost any type of content and sets the tone for an easy and relaxed presentation.

STRIKETHROUGH - Presentation PowerPoint Template

STRIKETHROUGH - Presentation PowerPoint Template

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose modern PowerPoint template, this is a good one. The broad variety of colors and layouts allows for adjusting the slides to any particular business idea. You don’t need any special skills to pull it off; the customization process is effortless. One of the rare examples in the set includes guidelines from the UN, which are crucial to get familiar with and have in your toolkit. You don’t have to search for them on your own; the pages are already there to look at.

Beauty Sarang - Fashion PowerPoint Template

Beauty Sarang - Fashion PowerPoint Template

This is a great modern PPT background for all things fashion related. The free Montserrat font that comes with it is especially useful for such purposes. This very interesting sans-serif font is characterized by roughly the same ratio of character width and height, which makes it look more solid. It also has all sorts of styles, from ultra-thin to bold, as well as matching italics. This means that you can use different versions of the same font in the same layout and they’ll still seem cohesive.

Baros - Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Baros - Creative Business PowerPoint Template

The minimalistic modern PPT presentation template in blue and violet tones fits perfectly into a range of different kinds of presentations. The clear lines emphasize the rigor and importance of the information on the slide. The presentation design doesn’t look boring for presenting numbers and/or simple facts that sometimes look dull on a plain white background. One of the most attractive things about this template is the color scheme which is bright but not too “in your face.” The different width of lines brings an extra edge to the design.

Creative Business Report Summary Cloud Technology Internet PowerPoint Template

Creative Business Report Summary Cloud Technology Internet PowerPoint Template

Have you struggled to find modern PowerPoint designs with Chinese language support? The challenge is real but this is a good option. The Creative Business template comes with Microsoft YaHei and its simplified and clear characters. On the other hand, you also have Helvetica that is considered one of the most popular fonts in the world. If Bayer, BMW, Energizer, Intel, Jeep, Panasonic, and many other companies can use this font in a logo, then it’s probably good enough for many others. The numerous schemes and roadmap slides help to showcase the numbers in the most engaging way.

Blueprint PowerPoint Template

Blueprint PowerPoint Template

This is a creative template with a variety of unique slide designs. It has two size resolutions, three color schemes, and hundreds of multifunctional options with which you can present your creative ideas. This PPT design will work harmoniously with a variety of images, and complete a wide selection of text layouts. It uses dynamic shapes, layouts for several photos, easily readable fonts, charts for digital data, unique slide dividers, and much more. You can quickly and easily modify each slide: illustrate your concepts with photos, insert elements of your brand, and add all the ideas that make up for the right first impression.

Collection | PowerPoint Template

Collection | PowerPoint Template

This is one of the many beautiful PowerPoint presentations that can be distinguished quite simply; it helps to keep the attention of the audience. If you can imagine presentation as text, this one would be a fascinating poem that consists of sentences of different lengths and types, with a unique rhythm. You can achieve that by alternating the text and image slides and adding graphics of any kind you like from 11 options provided. The drag-and-drop mechanism will do it all with no trouble.

Happines | PowerPoint Template

Happines | PowerPoint Template

The absence of a line of symmetry in these modern PPT slides helps to separate the different parts of the content more naturally, which may come in handy in a lot of cases. The asymmetric design itself is well suited for emotional design. The use of characters and images of an advertising character create positive associations and reinforce emotional motives. With the Happiness template, you’re able to project various emotions through a well thought out design and creates a sense of dynamism. Meanwhile, five color schemes give you freedom to play with the means of expression.

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