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Fully-Customizable Newspaper PowerPoint Templates 2020: Make Your Presentation Shine

  1. Top Newspaper PowerPoint Templates to Liven Up Your Future PPT Presentation
  2. Where to use a newspaper template PowerPoint?
  3. How to do a newspaper on PPT?
  4. How to use a newspaper background template?
  5. Tips in newspaper template PowerPoint creation
  6. Why Newspaper Template PowerPoint Samples are Must-Haves
  7. How to Choose Newspaper PowerPoint Templates
  8. How to Make a Newspaper PowerPoint Presentation
  9. A Comparison Table of the Best Newspaper PowerPoint Templates

Newspaper powerpoint template. When it comes to creating an engaging and easy-to-understand PowerPoint presentation, things can be tricky. Not only does the information have to be relevant and well-structured, but visually-appealing as well. Without a doubt, creating such a presentation from scratch is a lot of work. Luckily, there are tons of ready-made templates that make life easier.

In this article we are going to be reviewing the best available newspaper PowerPoint templates both free and premium. You will find out why newspaper-like backgrounds are ones of the best for PowerPoint presentations and what things you should pay attention to while choosing a newspaper PowerPoint template. So, shall we start?

Top Newspaper PowerPoint Templates to Liven Up Your Future PPT Presentation

Newspaper PowerPoint Templates.

People are used to reading newspapers. Even though most newspapers have now shifted to online versions, the overall structure remains the same. And there's a reason for this. The newspaper format is perfected for years in order to catch the reader's attention. Catchy headings, informative texts, and appropriate photographs - all of the mentioned makes newspapers worthy of reading.

If newspapers have a certain structure and tricks to grab attention, why don't you take advantage of them by downloading the best newspaper templates PowerPoint? There are literally hundreds of paid and free newspaper templates for PowerPoint presentations. Below you will find a collection of premium PowerPoint newspaper templates that are super convenient to work with. More PPT templates from TemplateMonster can be found here.

Trendio | PowerPoint Template

Trendio | PowerPoint Template

This product is suitable for all personal and business needs. With the help of Trendio, it will be easy and engaging to create your newspaper project. Using this newspaper template PowerPoint, you’ll only need to insert your material and edit the design where necessary. The main features:

  • 150+ total slides, 5 color variations
  • Section break slides
  • Handcrafted infographic in Powerpoint
  • Pixel-perfect illustrations
  • Resizable and editable graphic, and many more.

Best Newspaper PowerPoint Template

Best Newspaper PowerPoint Template

2020 New Brand Multipurpose Presentation PowerPoint Template

2020 New Brand Multipurpose Presentation PowerPoint Template

If you plan to represent your company news or plans for your partners or clients, then consider using this great product. The 2020 PowerPoint news template contains a perfect design suitable for corporate goals. It looks credible, professional, yet creative and memorable. What’s included?

  • 90 unique slides, 2 aspect ratio options
  • Powerful animation
  • Light and dark background options
  • XML files
  • Icons pack
  • Documentation

Magazin | PowerPoint Template

Magazin | PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a newspaper background template, Magazin may be a good choice. It contains a lot of newspaper-related backgrounds for inspiration. For only $17 you get 150+ unique slides that are presented in 5 different pre-made color variations. The template includes Section Break slides so you could separate parts of your presentation. It is truly a pleasure to work with the magazine PPT templates like this one thanks to their customization capabilities. All the elements of the slides are 100% editable and can be adjusted in accordance with your needs in a few clicks.

Creazine - Creative Magazine PowerPoint Template

Creazine - Creative Magazine PowerPoint Template

We particularly like this PPT magazine template for its simplicity and creative touch. Whatever element you pick, whether it is a shape, an image, a text box, be sure that it can be edited by the means of PowerPoint tools. With Creazine, you'll get access to 35 unique modern slides that come in 3 premade color themes. Based on this, you can easily change the colors of slides to create a coherent piece. On top of that, you are able to choose between the widescreen and standard formats of the presentation. Infographics, Contact Us page, Thank You page and a lot more layouts can be found within this PPT magazine template. And in case you have any questions regarding the template, there is a file with useful documentation.

Hience Futuristic Minimal PowerPoint Template

Hience Futuristic Minimal PowerPoint Template

Among all PowerPoint magazine templates, Hience really stands out. How? First of all, the template can be used for a big variety of purposes from a personal portfolio to a company profile presentation. Secondly, all 36 slides are unique and stylish. Thirdly, all the elements are completely editable. We can go on, but you get the point, right? You won’t drop the ball by picking this awesome magazine PPT template. Although it costs a little bit more than other templates in our collection, you'll get an item that's worth every penny.

Letteroad | PowerPoint Template

Letteroad | PowerPoint Template

The Letteroad is one of those old school newspaper templates that make you get nostalgic about the good old days when typing machines were used instead of computers, the grass was greener and the sun was brighter. These newspaper template PPT files are packed with more than 150 unique slides that come in 5 various color variations. All graphic elements of the template are resizable and editable. Drag and drop images, change the size and color of the text boxes, delete items you don’t need. With the Letteroad newspaper PowerPoint template you can do this with ease.

Breaking News - PowerPoint Template

Breaking News - PowerPoint Template

The next one that I want you to meet with is the universal solution for a traditional online newspaper. The design looks classy and trendy at the same time. How is that possible? Well, it is! Space is organized wisely according to the current trends but the classic minimalistic look of a newspaper is properly created. Again, you can alter all points of this newspaper template ppt amending the design for your project requirements and inserting the relevant text and visuals.

The Breaking News newspaper template for PowerPoint is one of the best templates out there. It is clean, stylish, and easy to work with. The breaking news newspaper template is 100% editable which means you can delete, drag, resize different items like text boxes, graphics, headlines, and so on. 30 modern slides come in 5 different color schemes to match any taste. The sleek design along with overall readability makes this template a perfect match for those who look for the ways to make a newspaper-like presentation.

This template has:

  • 5 PPTX (16:9)
  • 30 creative slides, 5 color variations
  • Picture placeholder
  • Vector-based design
  • Documentation

News - Multimedia PowerPoint Template

News - Multimedia PowerPoint Template

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a bold PowerPoint presentation in a modern newspaper style. Here’s your chance. For less than $20 you get a top-notch newspaper article template that consists of 10 awesome slides presented in 10 different color schemes. There are dark and light versions so you could pick the one that suits your fancy. You will find a number of useful picture placeholders, charts, mockups, Contact Us page, Thank You page, and many more.

Seenews | PowerPoint Template

Seenews | PowerPoint Template

Whatever your business or personal needs are, the Seenews PowerPoint template is the way to go. By purchasing it you receive 5 PPTX files each one with 30 slides designed in a particular color scheme. So, in total you get 150 slides to work with. Thanks to the thoroughly crafted infographics, pixel-perfect illustrations, well-arranged text boxes, it won’t take you long to edit the template. Instead of searching for a newspaper background for PowerPoint presentations on the web, you can take advantage of this awesome pre-designed template.

The template is suitable for the creation of a newspaper on ppt, as well as for other business or personal purposes. You’ll need only PowerPoint, and there’s no need for other programs. The newspaper template PowerPoint is completely editable starting from colors and shapes. What’s more, there are the following features included:

  • 150+ slides, 5 premade colors
  • Section break slides
  • Handcrafted infographic
  • Picture placeholder, drag and drop
  • Gallery and portfolio slide, and many more.

How to Make a Newspaper PowerPoint Presentation

Make a Newspaper PowerPoint Presentation.

Are you looking for a creative way to present your company news on an upcoming meeting? The newspaper format might be a win-win option. Luckily, there are quite a few templates with newspaper layouts out there, so there’s no need to create a newspaper in PowerPoint from scratch. Since you use MS Office suite, you have access to a good number of different PowerPoint newspaper templates and themes online that will get you started in creating your newspaper. Here’s how everything works:

  1. First, open PowerPoint software and select New. The new document dialog box will come up. Navigate to the Home Tab and find the Layout button there. After clicking on it you will see a display of templates available for a presentation.
  2. If none of the templates suits your needs, you can search for an appropriate item in the Microsoft Office template repository by typing “Newsletter”. Different PowerPoint newsletter templates and designs available to you will be displayed. Besides, you can download a suitable template from the TemplateMonster collection of PowerPoint templates. When you find the one that has a look that you are pleased with, select it and download. The PowerPoint newsletter templates have both text and graphics inside, but most importantly, they have formatting options.
  3. Once the document is open, select the text you want to change and replace it with your text. You can also add more text boxes by navigating to the Insert Tab and picking Text Box. Change the size of the box, drag it wherever you want on the slide and type text inside of it. You can change the font type, color, and size of the text by using the tools in the Font section of the PowerPoint ribbon.
  4. Go to the Align Text tab to maintain clean columns. Due to this functionality you can arrange your texts columns that would look like the ones in a newspaper or a magazine.
  5. It is suggested to pick serif fonts for your text since they are easier to read. In order to get needed contrast between the newspaper headline and the text body, you can use different fonts or bolding.
  6. While working with the template, you can delete graphics that you don’t need and add new ones through Insert - Picture or Insert - Clipart. As with the text parts of your template, you can format the pictures by resizing them, rearranging them on the slide, playing with their transparency, etc. Don’t forget that our brain LOVES pictures 🙂

Side Note: Remember to get rid of any standard text and graphics that you don’t want!

  1. To save your time you can duplicate the desired slide layout and keep editing the further ones.
  2. When you're done editing your layout, go to the File menu button and choose Save.

Congratulations! Now you know how to make a newspaper in PowerPoint.

How to use a newspaper background template?

So, the easiest way to create your breaking news presentation is to utilize a news powerpoint template. If you get them from a credible source, then you can be sure that their looking and functionality are always up-to-date with the latest design trends. With the newspaper background template, you can insert your pictures, text in the prepared boxes on the slides, organizing and changing the space upon your vision. As usual, it is easy and intuitive. But you should mind that there are certain rules on how to create an effective and appealing presentation with the help of a newspaper template ppt.

Tips in newspaper template PowerPoint creation

The following rules are applicable for the design of newspaper PowerPoint projects as well as any other ppt projects.

  • Keep your slides simple and statements brief. Maximum words for one slide is probably around 50, the less the better.
  • Include visuals on as many slides as possible – it doesn’t mean that each slide must contain images or graphs, but when you present the data visually, it is perceived better and becomes more memorable than the simple text.
  • Use only correct data and graphs supported by reliable references for your PowerPoint newspaper template.
  • Prepare speaker notes. If your news project is to be presented offline, then the presentation is intended to be listened to and viewed by the audience, which means the speaker notes must be well organized and contain more information on the topic, while there should be minimum text on slides and maximum of visuals.
  • Use high-quality engaging photos for your PowerPoint newspaper templates. Make sure they fit the size of the slides well and that all images, graphs, tables have perfect visibility for the viewer.
  • Use capturing headlines for the slides. As this is a newspaper presentation, it should follow the basic journalistic rules.
  • Use quality and professional templates for your work, which will provide a unique look and expert image to the final project.

Why Newspaper Template PowerPoint Samples are Must-Haves


What is the purpose of any PowerPoint presentation in the first place? Of course, the main goal hides in conveying a particular message to the audience by means of presenting information in an attractive and digestive way. When showing your presentation don't forget that everything should be as engaging as it is possible. The human brain is incredible in every aspect, but there are a few things you need to know:

  • When it comes to processing information, our brain prefers images over text.
  • The brain is evolutionarily programmed for distractions that is why most people find it hard to be focused on something for more than 20 minutes in a row.

If you combine these two facts, you will understand why it is important to pay attention to a PowerPoint presentation design. Not only should it be informative, but also easy-to-understand and interactive. Now you think, "Alright, I can add a few images here and there. Maybe a short topic-related video. Why do I need to pay for a premium template then?" And it is a logical question, especially if we consider the fact that MS Office offers a number of properly-designed templates with key elements such as infographics and charts mockups. However, you will still need to spend a significant amount of time putting everything together in one coherent piece.

Ready-made PowerPoint templates, just like the newspaper PowerPoint templates we're going to check in this post, give you an opportunity to customize them in accordance with content objectives in just a few clicks. They are professionally designed by folks who know all PowerPoint tricks and use them to the fullest. Besides, such templates are unique so you'll get a chance to stand out from the crowd.

The best thing is, the average price of a newspaper template PowerPoint is $15 - $20. Make your news slides shine by picking an appropriate newspaper template for a PowerPoint presentation.

powerpoint templates

How to Choose Newspaper PowerPoint Templates


It won’t come out as a surprise to you that PowerPoint has tons of useful features. Needless to say, it is much easier to work with a newspaper article template designed specifically for PowerPoint than to create one from scratch. But here’s the thing, while there are a big number of resources that offer newspaper or magazine PowerPoint templates, picking an appropriate template may be a hard nut to crack. To make things easier for you, we will point out the most important elements which you need to pay closer attention to when choosing a news PowerPoint template.

So, to find the most suitable solution for your task, look for the things that matter for a particular presentation. This can be the size and the type of a font for a heading, the choice of colors, the numbers of columns, the availability of image placeholders, backgrounds, etc. All good PowerPoint newsletter templates have one thing in common – they are all 100% customizable. What does it mean? It means that you can get rid of non-essential elements, edit them, drag and drop different parts of a template, replace the images, change the colors of texts and backgrounds, and so on. Of course, the choice of a newspaper PowerPoint template totally depends on you and your needs, but we wouldn’t recommend picking templates that are not fully editable.

How to do a newspaper on PPT?

Nowadays, if you want to create a graphic, textual, or visual project, there’s always a professional solution that can be found online. For instance, if you want to create a website, here they are – expert and beautiful web page templates. If you plan to write a resume – there are numbers of CV templates that look professional and attractive, if you need to incorporate illustration to your work – there are thousands of them found on stock sites and other resources. Very often, these products can be found for free, you just need to find reliable suppliers. The same is here – you can find many PowerPoint newspaper templates that you can use and edit to create your appealing and informative presentation. Note that appearance is more than a half of work for a presentation. In this way, if you get the professionally designed good-looking PowerPoint newspaper template, then, consider most of the work is already done.

Where to use a newspaper template PowerPoint?

It’s not a difficult task to create a presentation with news, but one might think ‘why do I need newspaper PowerPoint?’ Well, this may be useful if you want to have a new look of your online edition or provide the information of your printed material with the help of slides using a newspaper template PowerPoint, or if you want to represent some interesting information in a creative way. It can be a corporate report prepared in the form of news slides and presented to a team showing the results of monthly work. The format of online news slides can be employed by an organization to reach the clients in an easy, informal, and creative manner. And there can be other million ways of how and where to integrate newspaper template ppt, and the use is limited only by your imagination.

A Comparison Table of the Best Newspaper PowerPoint Templates

Template Number of slides Editability Price
Breaking News 30 slides in 5 colors Fully editable $17
News 10 slides in 10 premade color schemes Fully editable $17
Seenews 150+ slides on 5 premade colors Fully editable $17
Letteroad 150+ slides on 5 premade colors Fully editable $17
Magazin 150+ slides on 5 premade colors Fully editable $17
Creazine 35 slides in 3 different color themes Fully editable $17
Hience 36 slides Fully editable $20

Now that you know that it is easy to find an appropriate newspaper template for PPT presentation, get to work. As for the templates presented here, we can assure you that all of them have been created with an end-user in mind by professional designers who know all the tricks of PowerPoint.

FAQ: Newspaper powerpoint template

❔Where do I use newspaper powerpoint template?

It’s possible to make an online edition of the existing newspaper in the form of presentation, which can be, for instance, attached to a newsletter. The form of a news ppt can be used for various corporate presentation and for bringing company news to partners or clients, etc.

❔How to use powerpoint newspaper template?

Ready-made templates provide a professional and modern design that can be easily edited. The user just needs to insert their text and visuals and make the desired adjustments in the design of the boxes, sizes, colors, etc.

❔What’s included in newspaper template ppt?

It greatly depends on the provider of the template. TemplateMonster templates may include a certain number of slides, several color variations, vector-based design, pixel-perfect illustrations, icons, resizable and editable graphics, section break slides, documentation, etc.

❔How to make a good powerpoint presentation?

The main tips apply to most kinds of presentations. Text should be presented in brief statements, the less the better. PPT should include many visuals including pictures, icons, graphs, tables that are of high quality and well viewed. The use of high-quality professional templates is always a good choice.

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