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We’ve already teased you about the much-awaited launch of ONE an ultimate subscription service for website building. Now, the time to take action has come! ONE by TemplateMonster is available for pre-order. If you subscribe to the service before its official release on March 12, you can save 30% on your cart and access a growing collection of tools and ready-made digital products for designers and web developers.

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What's ONE?

ONE is the ultimate subscription service from TemplateMonster. This is a rich and ever-growing collection of tools that web developers need to build sites of any level of difficulty and receive a steady flow of orders from customers. Choosing ONE by TemplateMonster you may rest assured that you work only with the best products developed by the best vendors in the market. The number of items available in the subscription service will expand with new offers weekly.

What's Included in the Subscription?

ONE by TemplateMonster is a unique subscription to our digital marketplace. You will hardly find a different service that provides you with access to as many web themes as ONE does. As part of the subscription, you can download both best-selling themes and other custom web design offers that you won't be able to access anywhere on the web.

When ONE by TemplateMonster launches, you will be able to access 8,000+ themes of 25 types. More than 100 new themes will be added to your subscription every month. More than that, you can download all items from the subscription services for an unlimited number of times!


The list of digital items that you can use as part of ONE subscription includes:

All themes that are included in the subscription are due to the detailed review. All of them feature contemporary and striking designs that are intended to match any purpose, business expectations, and other criteria of yours. When you browse the collection of themes, you will notice every item is a unique and versatile solution. All of them are ready-to-go items for a range of purposes. Bold and catching, classic and minimalist, design for personal blogs or product-rich stores - ONE subscription service offers a never-before-seen collection of web development solutions for all topics, ages, and tastes.

Buying ONE Subscription, you can browse impressive galleries of plugins, extensions, and graphics that are suited to build websites for a range of purposes and online projects of any level of difficulty.

Moreover, ONE provides you with a rich collection of extra services that are essential to help web developers be more efficient at work. What's more, ONE includes high-quality 24/7 support for each item.

TM ONE Subscription includes regular updates, which means the number of items that you can use to your own benefit will increase monthly.

There are plenty of additional useful offers like site maintenance, SEO improvement, theme installation, speed optimization, and others. Although these are not included in the price of the subscription, you can always order professional assistance whenever you need it.

On top of that, there are no limitations on the number of times you can download a specific item or the number of products that you get from the marketplace. You can download and install as many products as you need for one year. After the one-year subscription ends, you can re-subscribe to ONE once again and continue using all its benefits.

What’s the Price?

The official launch of ONE by TemplateMonster is set for March 12. If you pre-order the service before the release date you’ll be able to save 30% on your cart. The one-year subscription will cost you only $159.

Just imagine, by paying only $159 once a year you can access a library of ready-made themes, plugins, and other offers that could cost you thousands of dollars if downloaded separately. On top of that, ONE by TemplateMonster doesn’t include any limitations in the number and frequency of downloads! Simply pick as many premium-quality web products as you need.

Starting from March 12, the subscription will be sold for $229 per year.

ONE price

Wrapping Up...

You’ve had a chance to try a range of product bundles from TemplateMonster before. In fact, there are still plenty of cool bundles available for your access. However, there has never been anything similar to ONE in the marketplace before! The ultimate subscription service includes everything that web designers and web developers need to build competitive online projects.

  • It provides you with unlimited access to the ever-growing collection of 8,000+ web themes, all featuring unique design and functionality.
  • Also, you can access rich collections of plugins and graphics that will help you build even more impressive and functional online projects.
  • The subscription service includes free regular updates for all items from the kits, as well as free professional support.
  • The license doesn't include any restrictions on the number of sites/domains to which one digital product can be installed.
  • Also, you are provided with free 24/7 support on all items and services from the subscription.

ONE by TemplateMonster delivers a rich and ever-growing gallery of high-quality digital products that are intended to be applied to a range of purposes, topics, and your personal requirements. Pre-Order it now! Save 30% on your cart and be among the first who accesses this impressive kit of TemplateMonster products.

Pre-Order at 30% OFF!

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