“Our subscription service is going to be extremely intuitive” – the PO of ONE by TemplateMonster

A subscription service ONE by TemplateMonster is coming soon, so we've asked a few questions to Max Kiryanov, the PO of ONE to learn all the details of the new project and its background. This project is an absolutely new level the good old TemplateMonster managed to reach, so let's find what's behind the ONE.

The subscription-based services are the new age of the web technologies market. As a rule, the success of old-timers in this field follows timely or proactive changes. ONE will become the new transformational step in TemplateMonster brand development.

one by templatemonster

A: What changes are going to happen? What’s the fundamental difference between the old and the new [subscription-based] approach?

Max: We’ve created a subscription service that no-one has ever made before. We’ve united a bunch of awesome features in one place thus giving more value to our users. These include website building assets (web templates, plugins, graphics), 24/7 support, and additional services. Everything is so close to hand, buy it and use it, our subscription service is going to be extremely intuitive, you will get a holistic service by making one payment. It will be useful for all: freelancers, web design studios, and even for the end users.

A: Whose idea was it to create the subscription service ONE?

Max: That was the idea of our customers. I mean their requests and Internet trends. And we had to make this step. We have all the necessary products, so we’ve packed them in one huge service, wrapped it into a user-friendly interface and have put a reasonable price tag.

limitless downloads

A: Whom is this service for? What benefits will developers, and end users get?

Max: The service will cover the needs of all users. For example, a developer, a freelancer or a studio will receive a huge product base for their projects basked by a transparent licensing. Eventually, it will save them a lot of money. The end users will get a wide range of products and services, their benefits will be time and money saved. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose the pricing policy and package types, so please, be patient.

A: So, the prices and packages of the subscription service ONE are a secret for now, right?

Max: Let's wait just a few more weeks. This information will be disclosed soon. Believe me, when you see our plans, prices, and the list of the products [as well as licensing terms] you will jump out of your pants.

unlimited websites

A: So far the monthly pricing plan is announced, will there be some other plans?

Max: There will be only one pricing plan at the beginning, as for me this is really awesome. Further options will depend on the market and user preferences. I don’t rule out the possibility of additional pricing plans.

A: Is the offer of subscription service ONE unique, or is there an alternative in the market of web technologies for developers or end users?

Max: For now I haven’t seen such offers anywhere else. Especially with 24/7 support for each item. ONE will consist of thousands of templates that cover all popular CMS, including eCommerce.

support for all items

A: What if I don’t want to join subscription service ONE, and as before buy items one by one? Will it be possible to use TemplateMonster offers as before?

Max: Of course. TemplateMonster is a marketplace and will continue evolving, you'll still be able to buy any item separately.

A: What are your plans for the future of the project? What features or options are you going to add in the future?

Max: For now I cannot share this information, but definitely we have a lot of plans. Now we’re planning to complete all the iterations and launch the project. We already made a lot of plans for further development, including new products and services inside, but for now, it is too early to talk about. Everything will be at its best and the project will definitely cause the WOW effect 🙂

everything for building websites

That was an interview with the PO of ONE by TemplateMonster Max Kiryanov. If you have more questions to Max, write them at the comment section and we’ll invite him to join the conversation here.

BTW, if you subscribe to ONE release notification today, you will get your early bird's 30% discount.

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