How a Reliable SEO Company will Debunk Common Myths

Search engine optimization (SEO) continues to elicit different reactions from the internet market. On the one hand are those advocates of white hat SEO who argue it is possible to leverage specific techniques to boost ranking on search engines. There are also those who thrive on conspiracy theories and develop techniques on how to play search engines. Well, one thing is clear; the place of SEO cannot be gainsaid, and while it is not easy to rank highly on search engine result pages (SERPs), it is possible to keep learning and benefiting from the system.

Why SEO Matters in Your Business


Search engine optimization has already been proven to work and you just have to look at the numbers to come to the same conclusion. Search has been rated as the best driver of website traffic beating social media by over 300%. In a recent survey by MarketDrive, 82 % of marketers say that SEO is becoming much more effective. A recent study published on Search Engine Journal shows that 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine. From these numbers, it becomes obvious that your marketing campaign should focus more on SEO if at all you are to boost your ranking on SERPs.

While most website owners agree that SEO is important for their businesses, there are many misconceptions in the industry which they have to deal with. These myths have seen many would-be successful businesses go down. When you hire an experienced SEO service to partner with you in a new marketing campaign, it is easier to identify these myths and avoid them. They have been the pitfall of many promising businesses and your OODA SEO will alert you to the same.

Here are some of these SEO myths which you should always be on the lookout for:

SEO Is Nothing More Than a Scam


If you have done some research on the place of SEO in your business, you must have come across the theory that SEO is a scam by a select group of marketers. Google’s secrecy about ranking factors has aided to fuel this myth but when you analyze the claims more closely, it becomes obvious that this is wrong. If you look at the top ranking websites in any niche and do a background check, it becomes apparent that they are sticking to practices that have been recommended by Google.

For instance, you will discover quality backlinks, fresh and relevant content, image optimization, video content use, social media marketing, content marketing, responsive web design and also enjoy a great user experience (UX). All these are qualities that Google has recommended again and again and they prove that SEO is not a scam. If you are patient and ready to work hard and according to Google Webmaster guidelines, it is only a matter of time before you start noting a change in your site’s SERPs ranking.

SEO is a One-Off thing

one -off thing

This is a myth that many small businesses working under tight budgets have propagated for long. These businesses have been led to believe that once they are done with the SEO project, they will not need to worry about this anymore. The SEO industry is fast-paced and there always changes in the technologies being used.

A website that has ongoing SEO will enjoy high ranking on SERPs. Editing your pages once in a while is not enough. If there are any glitches on the site, they are instantly corrected to avoid downtime on your website. Having high-quality links and excellent uptime on your site boost your brand’s reputation in your niche, hence the need for continuous SEO.

You Can Play Google

Many SEOs have tried this route and failed and yet website owners are still being lured by false advertisement. If there is one thing you can be sure about in SEO, you can never trick search engines for long. An unscrupulous SEO service can help you to rise to the top of SERPs but when the hammer comes down, it will be hard and costly. With Google Penguin now running in real-time, it doesn’t pay to try and trick search engines because this is not a long-term strategy.

To appreciate why attempting to trick Google is not going to work, remember the search engine giant is focusing more on providing users with good experience. If you are caught trying to hinder this goal, you can bet the penalty will be harsh. In essence, this is a myth that can bring your business down.

Of course, there are many other myths that your SEO company will help you with. Have you heard the myths that Google will figure it out, link building is dead, SEO is all tricks, the social activity doesn’t affect SEO and guest blogging is dead? All these are pitfalls that you should avoid when you work with an established SEO company. It is easier to identify them and avoid them before they ruin your marketing campaign.


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