How To Sell Motion Graphics with TemplateMonster

The web design industry has stepped up significantly over the years. Its main concepts go ahead with development. Just look at the way we use graphics. These days, developers and designers do not limit themselves to simply adding motion to the images. They are free to create excellent projects and diversify other people's viewing experiences with stunning and premium-quality designs. Are you one of such authors? Do you aim to share your works, improve your professional experience, and move beyond? Then our digital marketplace is the very platform you need. With it, you have a perfect opportunity to join the TemplateMonster's authors team and sell motion graphics you composed. What will you get? The chance to make money on your skills, earn income from every product sold, and find a ready-to-buy auditory. Get intrigued? Read on to learn more.

Why Do Users Need Motion Graphics?

Motion design items, animated infographics, short explainer videos - your products will be of great use no matter which name you choose. These ready-mades range in their style and color patterns. Still, they are indispensable when creating landing pages, email campaigns, text-based promos, and far more. Why do they work so well? There are many good reasons:

  • First, they help users make emotional contact with their audience much quicker than with other content elements.
  • Second, such animated videos combine the best of the visual aspect with impressive motion storytelling and audio. Thus, people get engaging pieces of content. 
  • Third, they help companies share their stories, reach more viewers, and demonstrate their messages bright and efficiently.

Motion graphics are any visual effects or graphical elements in movement. The "skeleton" of animated films, UI/UX design, infographics promos, and multiple visual media platforms. Is it worth it to be a developer in this field and promote your works? Definitely! This product will always be popular, not outliving its usefulness. If you are still in doubt, just look closely at the purposes animated infographics is applied to:

  • Information sharing. You convert your idea into animation, add suitable audio and additional features to make your content more understandable for the audience.
  • Digital marketing. All the online techniques in this sphere use motion design for their promotional needs.
  • Movies and other video titles. What is the best way to impress other people and make title cards look terrific?
  • Logo graphics. It is one of the motion design types. You can compose logos for different firms, corporations, brands, and web sources, making them more attractive by adding animations.
  • Social media posts. The importance of social networking is hard to overvalue. But standing out from the masses here is not easy. Animated infographics may be the icing on the cake.

Essential Motion Graphics Elements To Focus On

If you are a skilled motion design specialist then you know how significant modern trends are. Crafting artworks for online videos, movies, various web platforms, you should be technologically up to date to perform well in today's market. Although the particular career is a relatively new field, it becomes more popular and develops each day. But what essentials does it always include?

Animated ready-mades help you to tell unique stories through multiple communication channels: 

  1. The music that swells and ebbs with every turning point;
  2. The artwork, illustrating the abstract language;
  3. Animation to add energy and excitement to the story you tell;
  4. The sound that shines a spotlight on your content in motion;
  5. The voiceover, impacting the user on a personal level and building a connection. 

When all the elements are in harmony, you get a terrific product and find the best way to communicate with the viewer. 

Top Motion Graphics Trends You Need To Know To Sell Motion Graphics

As already mentioned, animated artworks are a powerful tool in digital marketing and creative advertising. They give the end-users a chance to find a new way to showcase their brand in the modern digital space. But what trends should you focus on to create a top-notch product? Take a closer look at our review:

  • Morphing & liquid motion. The first notion is a frame-by-frame effect. It relates to breaking down forms and figures into a liquid-like layout. The unique combination of such components and smooth timing moves morphing transitions to a new level, making it more eye-friendly.
  • Thin lines. Such a trend is not about brightness and eye-catching visuals. It is a good match for those who prefer clean design and minimalism. The thin lines perfectly define shapes. As well, they give direction and even dictate a mood.
  • Restricted color palettes. The poetry lives in laconism. The same is about colors. You tell your visual story by opting for only several primary colors. No rich palettes and multiple semitones. The particular graphics look straightforward and sophisticated simultaneously, throwing down a real challenge for an artist.
  • 3D & textured animation. 3D is an outstanding animation technique. Composed in a 3-dimensional space, the following items are easy to rotate around in a 360-degree environment. By doing so, you may get any angle needed for your composition. Besides, combining 2D and 3D styles still rides high.
  • Uber-cute & cheerful characters. In the field of motion design, only the sky is the limit. If you want to craft images that mimic some people or those not existing, why miss this chance? Besides, such figures are often light-hearted and humorous so that you can prepare far more vibrant and creative artworks.

How to Prepare Your Template For Uploading?

When your motion graphics template design is ready, you should fulfill several steps to prepare your product for selling. First, make sure that you save and pack all the files as required. Adding the description of your item is also needed. Pay attention that it should be at least 256 characters and contain specific information about your ready-made, its unique and distinctive functionalities, etc. Also, please read our article related to key product assessment criteria or the procedure of accepting authors' products. Thus, you will learn more about our platform standards.

Consider a short guideline list we created for authors who want to sell their works on our marketplace:

  1. Make sure your project does not include the redirection to the other files or web pages. Try to delete any other third-party links.
  2. Remember that the content of the template should be in English only. Set it up as a language by default.
  3. Your product name should not consist of more than 5-6 words. Try to select the individual and brandable name.
  4. Add the documentation to your ready-made. It should be clear and easy-to-understand for both professionals and newbies who will use your template in the future.
  5. Put more focus on keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions. The search engine will get the necessary information about your online project and bring more qualified traffic to it with them.

For more information, go to our TemplateMonster YouTube channel or watch our helpful video:

TemplateMonster Marketplace As a Perfect Platform For Selling Your Motion Graphics

Become author picture.

TemplateMonster marketplace is a revolutionary digital platform. It gives unlimited options for everyone, including users looking for assets for their online projects and qualified authors who want to sell their designs online. Are you one of the professionals ready to join our authors' team and start your career in this field? Then perform the following steps:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Upload your best pre-made items along with their details. Then you will have to wait up to 12 hours till our developers approve your works. After getting a confirmation, you may consider yourself a member of our friendly team.
  3. Your template will appear in our digital gallery.  

Reasons to Sell Motion Graphics at TemplateMonster

Our company is world-famous. It provides users with comprehensive selections of premium-quality web items for any purpose and taste. Each of them comes with all the licenses needed, offers lifetime support from the best specialists, and is unique. Our authors may discover excellent opportunities as well. You can always rely on our support. Beyond that, you will explore the latest web design trends, boost your skills, and showcase your works to the digital world. Sounds great, right?

So, why should you join the TemplateMonster marketplace as an author?

  • With all the traffic going from our platform, you will be able to sell your masterpieces much faster.
  • You can place greater focus on working over your projects, not having to care about organizational aspects. You create, we undertake the fulfillment of your artworks, payments, and other issues.
  • You will learn more about quality standards and modern business trends. If needed, you will get feedback from our experts about your products and their quality.
  • What does it mean for you? You will gain users' trust, building more confidential relations with people downloading your ready-mades. More sales, as well.
  • By creating projects and selling them on our platform, you may earn more, making money on your designer's skills. 

Other Items You May Sell

Our rich digital gallery continuously grows. Besides, it keeps expanding non-stop. Our authors may upload any type of digital assets:

  • Multipurpose themes and templates for different websites;
  • Various plugins, add-ons, and handy extensions;
  • Presentation assets for PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides;
  • Products for creating a CV, business cards, invitations for any event;
  • Vectors, illustrations, fonts, logos, and far more items related to graphic design.

How Much Will You Get

There are two types of commission rates on our platform. It depends if you sell your products exceptionally on our marketplace or via other websites as well. Thus, you may get up to 70% commission for sales via the TemplateMonster platform only. For non-exclusive deals for sales via other marketplaces, the commission is 40%. Please consider the table below. It perfectly illustrates all the payments for each product category:

Product Type Exclusive Deal Commission  Non-Exclusive Deal Commission 
WordPress 50-65% 40%
HTML 50-65% 40%
ECommerce 50-65% 40%
CMS 50-65% 40%
Plugin 50-65% 40%
Presentation 65% 65%
Graphics 65% 65%
Video/Audio 65% 65%

Examples of Best-selling Motion Graphics Templates

Underwater - Title Motion Graphics Template

Underwater Title Motion Graphics Template.

The following asset is fully customization-friendly and easy to edit. It is suitable for an unlimited number of projects and may beautify any web source. Underwater comes in 1920x1080p resolution and requires no additional plugins. As well, it features:

  • User-friendly layout;
  • 2 Lower Thirds placeholders;
  • Comprehensive video tutorial included.

Fluid - Titles Motion Graphics Template

Fluid Motion Titles Mogrt Motion Graphics Template.

This template boasts a spectacular design and is fully customizable. With easy color control and numerous interactive elements available, you can create stunning projects. The asset requires Premiere Pro CC 2019 + and After effects 2019 CC to work with. The other significant characteristics also include:

  • Full HD resolution;
  • Easy to modify layout;
  • Detailed video tutorial.

Film Credits Pack - Motion Graphics Template

Film Credits Pack Motion Graphics Template.

The particular set contains 35 cinematic title designs to demonstrate your movie credits in the most favorable light. Its authentic look and animation only emphasize the unique atmosphere it conveys. The asset comes in 4096x2304 (30FPS) resolution and boasts modern features:

  • Premiere Pro CC 2019 or above software support;
  • 35 Title designs for any taste;
  • No additional plugins are required.

To Wrap It Up

The popularity of ready-made solutions grows rapidly. Integrating motion graphics into web design is not an exception. It is potentially endless in the application. It plays an essential role in making online projects more eye-catching, impressive, and easily noticeable to the audience. Animated infographics as a career path is a perfect choice, so why not give it a try? Moreover, by selecting TemplateMonster's marketplace as a platform for promoting your works, you will find the game worth it. Join our team, and discover unlimited possibilities to find inspiration, learn new, and improve your income. Welcome!

Read Also

Sell Motion Graphics FAQ

How to sell motion graphics at the TemplateMonster marketplace?

To sell your artworks on our digital platform, you need to join our team of professional authors. For this, create an account at Then verify it, add the assets you want to present, and wait for approval from our experts.

What is the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive offers for selling motion graphics?

There are two different types of commission rates. Exclusive items can bring you up to 70% of revenue. The unexclusive ones give you a 40% commission and allow you to sell your assets both at the TemplateMonster's marketplace and elsewhere.

How much time does the product review take before I can sell motion graphics?

This process is fast and usually does not take much time. After testing your designs, we will send you an email with the approval or recommendations on possible improvements.

How can I receive money for selling motion graphics?

Options available include Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer payment methods. You may request a withdrawal two times per month. To perform it successfully, verify your account with your ID or driven license. You may find the information about your earning and money withdrawal options in the "Billing" tab of your account.

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