An Interview With An OpenCart Enthusiast — Timmy Yu [Timway Technology]

We have millions of clients around the world and we have built a strong connection with some of them for the past years. I would like you all to remember that we work in this business for 15 years now, so my previous statement should not surprise you.

Who are our clients? Some of them are just one-time buyers, who get a new theme for their personal blog, company web page or fundraising landing page. However, some of them are big companies who build their business in web-development and web-design. Our templates help them develop websites faster and get bigger results. So I guess, it's time to meet some of our most valued clients.

Today, I will start a chain of interviews with our top clients from different niches. Our today's guest will be Timmy Yu from the Timway Technology. His company is our biggest OpenCart client and I'd love to talk to Timmy about his company, about premium OpenCart templates in general and about our new OpenCart price policy!

Alex: Hi, Timmy! It's a pleasure to have you here, do you happen to read our blog?
Timmy Yu: Thanks for connecting. We enjoy reading your articles and our company would be more than happy to talk to you!

Alex: I'm really happy to hear that, can you please tell us a bit about your company?
Timmy Yu: Sure. Timway Technology has been one of the pioneers in Hong Kong since the early internet era. Its “Timway Hong Kong Search Engine” was first introduced to the market in 1997 and immediately became popular among local individuals and corporations alike. It revolutionized the online search method in Hong Kong as it was then the only hierarchical directory providing search contents in Traditional Chinese.

OpenCart Themes

Timway Hong Kong Search Engine Ltd.

Alex: But as far as I see it, you're more than just a Search Engine now?
Timmy Yu: Timway continues to grow leveraging on our innovation and insights on digital search. We now evolved into a comprehensive company that aims at providing flexible and quality hosting solutions to business and individuals. The scope ranges from web design, web hosting, digital promotion to server collocation. eCommerce platform is definitely one of them.

OpenCart Themes

Timway Technology - Inspire The Future

Alex: How long have you been a member of a TemplateMonster Family?
Timmy Yu: Since 2004, approximately 13 years already.

Alex: Why do you like working with OpenCart, not PrestaShop or any other eCommerce CMS?
Timmy Yu: We prefer OpenCart over other open source eCommerce solutions because:
  1. Stability - it’s relatively stable in supporting multi-language and multi-currencies
  2. Compatibility - highly compatible with various payment gateways around the world
  3. Flexibility - there are a wide range of service extensions available to cope with different eCommerce needs

Alex: Why do you prefer our OpenCart themes?
Timmy Yu: OC themes from TemplateMonster always come with complete source pack, we could be rest assured that theme will look just like its live demo after installation. Basically 'what you see is what you get’. Plus we appreciate that TM theme authors are just one click away.

We could be rest assured that theme will look just like its live demo after installation. Basically 'what you see is what you get’.

OpenCart Themes

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Alex: What are the key features that you look for while choosing the OpenCart theme?
Timmy Yu: Responsive layout, stylish design, blog feature, social media integration, newsletter function etc.

Hey, reader! Do you consider yourself a fan of the new and cool features? Make sure you check out our latest Audio Store OpenCart Template. We have implemented a new feature of 360 view of the product in this theme, it can be quite useful for any store owner, just take a look at it and you'll see what I'm talking about!

Headphones OpenCart Theme

Live Preview | Purchase

Alex: Do you have your own favorites? The ones you used more than once in your projects?
Timmy Yu: We are an IT solution company that supports our clients to use OpenCart. So basically we’re purchasing the templates on behalf of our clients. We serve so many shop owners so it’s hard to pinpoint the ‘favourites’. However, we would advise our clients not to consider templates with 'mega menu’ as we always encounter bugs with that issue.

Alex: Have you ever had a situation when you couldn’t find a template for a niche OpenCart website? Can you tell us what kind of template you miss on our marketplace?
Timmy Yu: 'Couldn’t find any template' is a rare issue though it happens once in a few months. We’ll try to keep you posted if this issue arises.

'Couldn’t find any template' is a rare issue

OpenCart Themes

Live Preview | Purchase

Alex: Are you happy with the services we provide you with? What are the key things you value and the key things you miss on our end?
Timmy Yu: Most templates are incredible! We love them, template monster is definitely one of the best time-saving tools for web development we have been searching for in a very long time. It is very well tailored to the needs of our industry. Our team has been using your web developing products with varying degrees of satisfaction, Also, the customer service team is also very knowledgeable!

Alex: Do you prefer taking advantage of our offers and discounts or you simply by a theme you need for a full price?
Timmy Yu: We usually focus more on the interface design and compatibility over price.

Alex: Did you hear that we are lowering the prices for all the premium OpenCart templates and now you’ll be able to buy any theme for $49 instead of $89?
Timmy Yu: We have heard about that. It definitely will be a good news to us!

Alex: Will it help you to cut the production costs and make the income higher from each project?
Timmy Yu: Definitely

TemplateMonster Branding History

Timmy and his team are working with us since 2004. What about you?

It was a pleasure to talk to you, Timmy! We appreciate your business with us and I'd like to note that you are very valued in our TemplateMonster Family!

So this was an interview with the Timway Technology. Are you from Hong Kong or somewhere around? Are you looking for a company who can take care of your OpenCart project? Are you starting your own eCommerce business and do not know what to start with? Get in touch with the guys from Timway Technology and they will take care of you. On our end, we can assure you that the OpenCart templates we develop will always be top-notch and top-quality.


Timway Technology
Tel: (852) 2549 7978
Fax: (852)3003 0183

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