The Importance of UX & Analytics for your Online Business Success

Your business website is an extension of your actual business. Hence, every kind of event has an equal impact on both of them. There are several factors that influence the performance of your business even though they might seem related only to your business website. User-Experience and your Site’s Analytics are the most prominent ones. They are capable of making or breaking your website, thus making or breaking the success of the entire business.

On one hand, the site’s User-Experience is all about offering an impeccable website browsing experience to your visitors. Whereas, the site’s Analytics is about gaining insights into the metrics related to your website. You can’t just overlook these two super important determinants of your business’ online success.

So, how do they really have an effect on your website’s customer retention and conversion rate? Let’s find out.

Great navigation keeps visitors around

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People like to surf websites which are seamless to work through, without any complicated navigation. Moving from one page on the website to another must be made a cakewalk for its visitors in order to enable a seamless browsing experience. Seamless website navigation is integral to success.

A great website navigation strategy is a larger part of the site’s User-Experience imparted to its visitors. A report says that 67% of mobile users will leave a website if they are frustrated with the navigation. Imagine the loss of probable conversions as well as the number of visitors one could lose due to improper website navigation.

Implementing breadcrumbs that are indicators of the user’s journey on your website is a great way to ease the navigation for your site visitors. Some other steps include proper segmentation of content, the presence of the least number of sidebars, and implementation of standard website practices.

UX focused design is a better platform for SEO Boost

ux analytics

Retaining customers and converting leads only comes into the scenario when your business website is able to pop up near the top of search results.

Well, all that’s about the Search Engine Optimization of your website. People will only come across your website if it has been optimized well–i.e. segmented pages, optimized content and images, and enough social media shares. If you are an e-commerce website, you should also make an effort to make your site’s internal search bar more prominent and functional.

Once your existing visitors like your website and its features, they will definitely make the move and talk about it on their social media or simply in their personal lives, imparting an SEO advantage for your website.

Apart from encouraging mobile traffic, implementing a responsive web design will always help your website have a better reputation with the search engines.

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User retention comes easy with user-focused design

When a prospective customer visits your website, he/she is probably looking for some kind of information. Once they land on your website, your site is supposed to take them to the desired information without making them click through a lot of clutter.

Once this person is able to take away that piece of information without any trouble, they will always come back later to withdraw another; hence, user retention. User-focused design leads to user retention.

You must focus on your website building process and create a website with an uncluttered design so that your visitors don’t get overwhelmed while they are looking for a certain piece of information. A clean and simple layout of the website will help these site visitors have a seamless UX.

Enhanced website speed

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What is the loading speed of your website?

It would be great if it loads in 2-3 seconds. Tools like Pingdom help you determine the loading speed and downtime of your website.

The loading time of your website is a huge determinant of your site’s traffic and on-site time of your visitors. Enhanced website speed is no longer just a nice option, it’s a necessity.

Even if your website was previously loading up within seconds but has now managed to deteriorate in speed, you need to act. This is important because if your website is no longer loading quickly, your loyal audience and customers might drop out.

In a scenario when your website takes forever to load, the conversion rate will drop because new visitors will abandon your website way before they are able to reach the several points of conversion you’ve placed there for them.

Guided landing pages mean more sign-ups

The design of the landing page for your website eventually determines the conversion rate. Even if your website is able to draw a lot of traffic, one cannot guarantee a higher conversion rate on your website. So, what is it?

Guided landing pages are great and they really have a higher conversion rate for your website. Investing in tools and talent that help you create a great landing page is the best thing you could do for your site’s conversion rates.

Analytics FTW!

google analytics

If you are a new website owner and believe that website analytics and metrics are only meant for technical folks, you are mistaken. These metrics will reveal a lot about your site’s performance and how you can improve it. These metrics tell you about the traffic coming to your website, the location it comes from, the average time spent on the website, etc.

Ever heard about Google Analytics? It gives you insights into how users engage with your website. Telling you how the traffic on your website arrives (number of Page views and Unique Page views, Average Time on Page, the Bounce Rate, the Percent Exit, etc.), this tool empowers you to create a new strategy if your website is not performing as expected.

Once you have the Analytics churn the result for you, you can revamp your website design and its content strategy to retain your existing customers and begin attracting new leads who could be eventually converted.


The above-mentioned tips have more meat to them than mentioned. Once you get to the depth and research as you go implementing them, you will be able to learn more about customer retention and how you can enhance your site’s conversion rate. Also, a great content strategy created with the right information about your visitors complemented with an optimal User-Experience on the website will help you create the best website ever.

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