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The Ways To Optimize Your WordPress Site For Google Answer Box

  1. The Definition Of Google Answer Box
  2. Why Is Google Answer Box So Important?
    1. The Efficient Ways To Show Your WordPress Website In Google Answer Boxes
    2. Keep The Answers Short And Full
    3. Enhance Page Meta Description
    4. Make Use Of Smart Formatting
    5. Improve Content With DDD (Data Driven Decisions)
    6. The Most Important SEO Practices
  3. Summary

Google Answer

The Definition Of Google Answer Box

Google Answer Box or so-called Google-definition is a hot topic in Internet marketing templates. It refers to a Google’s Knowledge graph and provides an answer on the search page. With the help of carousels, side boxes, lists, tables, and answer boxes, the most critical information gathered from different sources is displayed at the top. A specific algorithm decides what results should appear inside the answer box. Except for a text, Google Answer Box also shows an appropriate picture and link to a content source. Advanced Web Ranking has proved that Answer boxes save about 33% of CTR indication. Another research has shown that the site featured in Answer block get about 50% of clicks. Before finding out more about the other proofs of Answer Boxes importance, let’s take a closer look at their types. Need to say first that the answer blocks may appear on both desktops and mobile devices distinguished between 3 types:

  • Paragraphs appear in 63% of all Google-definitions. You’ll see a small image and a paragraph of text giving a brief answer to the question. On the one hand, searchers may want to get to know more and click the link to read further. On the other hand, the information given in the paragraph may be enough, so the user will not follow the link.
  • Lists appear in 19% of answers and are often numbered or marked.
  • Tables can be found in 16% of Google-definitions and may look like the picture offered below:

Why Is Google Answer Box So Important?

The designated purpose of Google Answer Box is to render an immediate satisfaction of users’ requests. This works even better if users search for concrete information like famous statesmen, ratings, ranges, etc. The clicks the WP sites featured in answer box receive are very significant for WordPress admins who eager to develop the project and expand its audience or increase the traffic. If you succeed in getting your content into a featured fragment, you will beat all your competitors and get the site to the top of search results. Besides, being in the loop inspires people to click through to your page and return to the website for another question.

The Efficient Ways To Show Your WordPress Website In Google Answer Boxes

Since the results of Google Answer Box change often, you have a chance to appear at the answer block by applying some effective changes to your content. Today, we are going to concentrate on commonly used SEO and content optimization techniques that would make your web page more appropriate to users’ requests.

Keep The Answers Short And Full

Make sure you provide quick, short, precise and easy to understand the answer. This will help you to appear at Google Answer Boxes. Sure, you can give further detailed information to primary and secondary aspects, yet it is critical to provide the answer in about two short sentences as shown below.


You may also include the keywords in a question form followed by the quick answer. This will increase your chances to have your site featured in the answer box.

Enhance Page Meta Description

Meta description can also be seen in the Google answer box. To be short, the meta description is a concise description clarifying what your site is about, and it is added via HTML tag “head”. Remember that meta description should include the target keyword or key phrase as well as outline what topic or question this specific page is covering.


To make optimization of the page meta description easier and faster, go ahead with such useful WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO. They help to add and edit SEO title, slug and description easily. You will also be able to find helpful tips within Yoast on setting keywords in the meta tags and text.

Make Use Of Smart Formatting

The most significant rule regarding a content used in the answer boxes sounds like ‘good content should be properly formatted.’ Google understands that users love well-formatted content because it helps them comprehend the information easier and faster and aspires to display the sites using formatting like:

  • pages with tables to list objects;
  • ‘how to’ articles with a stepwise guide;
  • top lists listing items;
  • long articles using the table of contents etc.

When hesitating about the use of formatting, ask yourself if it may help your visitors get to the data fast. If your answer is affirmative, then use it and keep it up.

Improve Content With DDD (Data Driven Decisions)

When it comes to the information and efficient content strategy, Google Analytics comes to the rescue. Thanks to it, you can understand your audience and plan correspondingly. Want to be ahead of the rest? Try the best Google Analytics plugin on the market called MonsterInsights. It will help you get to know how visitors find and use your website. With this helpful add-on, you will see what is already working on the site and make a reasoned decision for better SEO. Except for it, you will get the following benefits:

  • a quick and easy setup that requires no coding skills;
  • eCommerce tracking;
  • real-time stats;
  • page level analytics and much more.

SEO audit by TemplateMonster Service Center

Do you need your website be visible to your target audience in search engines and you don't know where to start? SEO audit is the first step to creating an online marketing strategy that really works. You will get the analysis and guidelines on how to implement the given recommendations within your website.

The Most Important SEO Practices

Except for answering users’ questions, your web page should be easy to find and understand. To gain this goal, make sure you have optimized text content for SEO. We have summed up all the useful tips in a short list below:

  • Keywords should be included in the title, description, and keywords meta tags.
  • Focus keyword should be included in content and sub-headings in the article.
  • Categories and tags should be added to any article yet used accurately to set up smooth navigation and linking through the site.
  • The topic should be covered as thoroughly as possible.
  • Make sure you put all appropriate links to your other posts and pages. Internal linking is crucial for better SEO results.
  • Add title and alt tags to all the images you use.


You may find the principles mentioned above to be time-consuming and not worth the fight. Yet this does not reflect the reality. The truth is that Google Answer Box may become an optional traffic source for your WP website. Even though Google search principles regularly change, building the site to be a reliable source of information will help you win the fight in a long-term perspective. Make use of provided opportunities and increase the traffic on your WordPress web page.

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