Water PowerPoint Template: Who Needs It and Where to Find the Unique One?

  1. What's the Point of Using Water PowerPoint Templates?
  2. What Businesses Can Benefit from Water PPT Template?
  3. Water PowerPoint Templates vs Space-Themed Google Slides: Trustworthy Resources
  4. Water PowerPoint Presentation Templates: Showcase

Water PowerPoint Template. Looking for a water PowerPoint template? You got at the right time and place because this is a showcase of the worthy products for the water PowerPoint presentations!

On the surface, buying a pre-made template seems senseless: most of us are familiar with PPT presentations since high school, so, what’s the point of paying an extra $15 for when you can drink a coffee with a doughnut instead?

Yes, when it comes to ready-made products, some doubts and questions might appear but in a while, you will understand that buying a water Power Point template makes sense indeed. Those, who already search for it, will find something suitable.

So, let’s dive into an unbelievable diversity of templates to find a precious gem – a perfect match for your next project!

What's the Point of Using Water PowerPoint Templates?

Apparently, we make presentations to deliver certain point to the audience, present a product or a plan – in other words, to convey information. It’s crucial to know some tips and tricks to maintain its focus because:

  • a human brain is capable to keep the focus on one subject during the first 20 minutes of the report;
  • afterward, it starts losing the thread of the speaker’s thought.

Besides some psychological and rhetorical tricks, the design of the PPT presentation plays a significant role. It draws the audience’s attention to important information and contains some interactive decorative elements.

For instance, these bright pictures of umbrellas in different shapes and positions might help the audience not to get bored:

Umbrella | PowerPoint Template

Umbrella | PowerPoint Template

Yes, the MS software itself offers templates with slides layouts, charts, infographic mockups, and graphics, so, you don’t start from scratch.

Nowadays though, everyone wants to stand out, be unique but not everyone has time or ideas for creating extraordinary forms of content. In this case, buying premium water PowerPoint templates makes sense.

Just imagine – you buy a thoroughly created editable PPT template, fill it with content in a few clicks, and don’t puzzle over design and technical issues AT ALL. You avoid the technical hassle and focus on the content quality. Doesn’t it sound great?

By the way, “premium” isn’t about sky-high prices. An average water PowerPoint template will cost you $15-$20 and that’s nothing when the success of the speech is at stake.

What Businesses Can Benefit from Water PPT Template?

The next question lies in the scope of the application of water themes. A water Power Point template can be used in so many cases and you might be one of them:

  • water sports – whether you are a private instructor or a water sports school, you might need to announce your services, special deals, new courses, enrollment, safety rules;
  • a travel agency – present a new travel destination, a package tour to Egypt, or remind potential clients about your services before the beach season in a super attractive and unusual way;
  • a water supply company – tell about your services and the benefits for the clients simply and briefly;

Drink Water PowerPoint Template

Drink Water PowerPoint Template
  • a real estate company – show the benefits of luxurious apartments on the Mediterranean sea using provided illustrations and neat layouts;
  • a recruiting agency for sailors – tell about the opportunities for sailors and cruise ships workers – be clear and transparent providing information with well-organized layouts;
  • non-profit organizations and environmental defense funds – use pre-made charts and tables to deliver numbers and statistics efficiently.

This was a tiny part of companies that can benefit from using a pre-made water PPT template. In general, you can use it regardless of your sphere of activity if the subject of the report is water 🙂

powerpoint templates

Water PowerPoint Templates vs Space-Themed Google Slides: Trustworthy Resources

Quite often PPT presentations are compared to water theme Google Slides. Both of them offer more or less similar functionality but what are the differences and which software carries out its mission better?

Google Slides PowerPoint
Price Free (a part of Google Docs) Plans start at $69.99/year or $149.99 one-time purchase
Accessibility No additional software is needed (just Google account). All presentations are accessible online from any device Microsoft Office software must be installed. All presentations are saved on your PC or online on the cloud storage OneDrive
Online Performance Depends on your Internet connection PowerPoint Online comes with fewer options than the advanced desktop version and Google Slides. The performance depends on your Internet connection.
Offline Performance An offline mode can be activated Perfect offline performance
Backups and Storage All changes are saved automatically right after you make them + a history review to check out the previous presentation versions and restore them An automatic saving option is available in PowerPoint 2016 version or later and only for Office 365 subscribers + an AutoRecover option for non-subscribers to recover a presentation in a case of unexpected crashes
Team Collaboration Possible and flexible: chat, comment, make changes real-time, restore older versions of the presentation Possible with PowerPoint Online. Also possible when all team members have PowerPoint 2010 version or later, save a presentation on OneDrive and share it with other members
Special Effects A limited choice of special effects in comparison to PowerPoint Advanced design options and special effects for a desktop version and a limited choice for the online one
Pre-made templates A gallery with pre-made templates and third-party options on the web A gallery with pre-made templates by default and thousands of options on the web
Embedding Possible to embed: an image from your PC, Drive, URL, Camera, or Internet, YouTube video Super flexible in terms of embedding many kinds of images, graphics, animations, drawings, videos, including YouTube once
Fonts All types of Google Fonts All types of standard Microsoft Office fonts. Additional fonts can be installed but they might not display correctly on other computers
Linking Possible to link images and texts to URLs + other Google files to the source Possible to link parts of the presentation to other parts, to the web pages, etc.
Conversion & Export Possible to convert into: .pptx, .odp, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, png, .svg (vector) Possible to export to: .pptx, .ppt, .odp, .potx, .pot, .pdf, .ppsx, .pps, .potm, .pptm, .ppsm

Both software programs offer awesome functions for creating water themes. Google Slides is awesome in terms of co-working but PowerPoint has advanced functionality that has been developed over many years. So, the choice of software depends on your needs. If you work with a team, Google Slides definitely wins but its functionality might not be enough for serious or super creative projects.

Plus, there are literally tons of third-party PPT templates, though, over the last years, the number of third-party products for Google Slides also keeps growing. For instance, you can find splendid space-themed Google Slides templates.

Loonar | Google Slides

Loonar | Google Slides

Universe | Google Slides

Universe | Google Slides

Water PowerPoint Presentation Templates: Showcase

Fishero | PowerPoint Template

Fishero | PowerPoint Template

If you are a fisherman, you have a nice catch today because here is one of the water PowerPoint presentation templates for fishing!

150+ slides and 30+ slides for each template are enough to tell about all the fish types in the nearby river. Unusual complex layouts present information in a vivid way that won’t bore the audience. Also, there are section break slides to create a clear structure of the presentation.

Brishio PowerPoint Template

Brishio PowerPoint Template

Brishio is very similar to Biota but has more soothing colors. Although it’s minimalistic, there are both simple and complex layouts with: 

  • high-resolution illustrations
  • resizable graphics 
  • editable infographics
  • customizable charts, boxes, and tables 
  • 5 pre-made colors and 5 color schemes 
  • section break slides 
  • slides for gallery and portfolio

The Ocean | PowerPoint Template

The Ocean | PowerPoint Template

This is another water template with an unusual purple color that is fresh and adds diversity to a slideshow. Its functionality doesn’t differ from the previous presentations. You still have 150+ slides and 30+ slides for each template. 

You can create infographics, charts, present numbers, and facts simply but appealingly. Also, you can insert a portfolio or a gallery with mind-blowing illustrations.

Biota | PowerPoint Template

Biota | PowerPoint Template

Need a simple water PowerPoint template? Then, this and the next couple of options are for you!

Biota is a minimalistic template suitable for any kind of business and project that is connected to water. 

Key features:

  • 150+ total slides
  • 30+ slides for each template
  • section break slides
  • Gallery and Portfolio layouts 
  • high-resolution illustrations 
  • drag & drop picture placeholder 
  • 5 widescreen PPTX files + the main file
  • 5 pre-made colors + 5 color schemes 
  • based on Master Slides 

Biota is good for presenting statistics and numbers as it has editable infographics and resizable graphics.

Oceans | PowerPoint Template

Oceans | PowerPoint Template

Looking for water Power Point templates with calm colors? Then, Oceans with a soothing light blue color scheme might be the right choice! 

It suits any kind of business or project that is related to water – no restrictions because the layouts are super customizable. You can change illustrations, graphics, edit infographics, change the structure in a matter of clicks. 

For that, you have 150+ total slides and 30+ slides for each template, section break slides, Portfolio and Gallery layouts. Also, you can switch between 5 color schemes and use 5 pre-made colors

The drag&drop picture placeholder comes in handy to speed up the editing process.

Swema | PowerPoint Template

Swema | PowerPoint Template

Swema is another water template suitable for water sports, travel agencies, environmental defense funds. It’s not as sophisticated as Diving but also has a wide choice of high-resolution illustrations and graphics

Also, there are editable infographics – change all elements in a matter of clicks.

In total, you get 150+ editable slides and 5 pre-made colors. All slides are also available in 5 color schemes. Apart from that, you get section break slides to create a clear structure and separate one theme block from another.

The Waters | PowerPoint Template

The Waters | PowerPoint Template

Here is another water PowerPoint theme that stands out with pops of colors: lively green, mysterious blue, blinding emerald… That’s a surefire way for a travel agency to attract avid hikers to visit a pristine cove in Monaco or a crystal clear Alpine lake.

You can present information on 150+ slides and 30+ unique slides for each template. Don’t forget to add high-quality illustrations and videos! Want to show the number of your satisfied clients? Do it with editable infographic templates and resizable graphics!

Don’t like the color scheme? You have 4 more variations! 

Diving | PowerPoint Template

Diving | PowerPoint Template

This water PowerPoint template creates an impression of plowing on a dauntless and intuitive exploration of the underwater world. It includes breathtaking illustrations and graphics of high quality. Plus, it has complex but user-friendly layouts that amuse with variety and flexibility in customization.

Key features:

  • 150+ total slides + 30 unique slides for each template
  • 5 pre-made colors 
  • 5 color variations 
  • section break slides
  • editable infographics
  • Gallery and Portfolio slides 
  • 5 widescreen PPTX files and the main file
  • made with Master Slides

Sea Shells | PowerPoint Template

Sea Shells | PowerPoint Template

Let’s finally head back to dry land and see what’s inside a minimalistic coastal template!

Key features:

  • 150+ total slides and 30+ unqiue slides for each template
  • 5 pre-made colors + 5 color schemes 
  • Gallery and Portfolio layouts 
  • section break slides 
  • 5 PPTX files + the main file 

You can tell about the coastal life and nature from different angles using high-resolution illustrations, resizable graphics, and editable infographics. The layouts are super customizable – you can adjust the template to your project.

You can find even more options in the marketplace with PPT water templates. Don’t forget that not every provider indeed cares about the quality of the product, so make purchases only in trustworthy places 🙂

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