How Web Developers Can Save Thousands of Dollars Annually? [Interview with Oleksandr Zhurakovskiy]

In heaven, all they talk about is the ocean, all they talk about in TemplateMonster community is the new subscription service ONE.

Recently we’ve published an interview with Max Kiryanov, the PO of ONE and shared some insights about the service. In this interview, we’re going to discover the opportunities of ONE in greater detail. Why did it cause such a fuss before the initial launch? Today we’re having a conversation with Oleksandr Zhurakovskiy, the marketing lead of ONE by TemplateMonster.

A: What was the idea behind ONE and how did it appear?

Oleksandr: Actually it’s the market who have set the terms. The most common problem of all web developers is when they’re creating a new website this process is accompanied by a bunch of expenses, they have to buy a template, a logo, some illustrations, icons, photos, plugins and so on. This list is far from being final. And all these items cost a lot of money.

When devs are working on a large number of sites, they have a lot of associated costs amounting to thousands of dollars per year. Basically, these are not actual expenses, but a sort of investment they make in order to build a high-quality website. We’ve noticed that such users prefer bundled products to independent ones.

Buying a lot of discounted products helps them reduce their expenses. They will use all these products for future projects. Unfortunately, this method has some minor flaws.

  • It’s not always possible to find discounts for the right products.
  • You never know which product will come in handy, not everyone can predict the range of projects he will be involved in the future.

For such users, subscription service is the best solution. By paying once they get access to everything they need. Download as many items as you need, and exactly when you need them.

That’s how the idea of a subscription service appeared.

As Max said, ONE is a subscription service by TemplateMonster marketplace, where you can find a product from our TOP vendors. ONE provides unlimited downloads for all products needed for the web developers: thousands of templates for all popular CMS, plugins, graphics, illustrations, etc.

After detailed research, we realized that we can offer a unique service that is interesting not only for web developers but also for business owners.

A: You were saying that ONE is not only for professional web developers. What does it mean?

Oleksandr: It means that ONE backs each product by technical support for all items. No other subscription service on the market can provide such comprehensive support. Other services are ignoring support because it’s not a critical feature for web developers, tech-savvy users can handle everything on their own.

Providing support for thousands of templates for different CMS, created by various dev teams is a very difficult task. It requires lots of resources most companies cannot afford. But we can, and this out greatest advantage.

Thus, we’ve made a useful service not only for professional web developers but also for millions of newbies.

Usually, these users are not sure which template is best for their project. They may lose a lot of time while choosing a template or trying to understand its functionalities.

The subscription with powerful support allows newbies to try any template, with any functionality for any CMS. If it’s difficult to figure something, the support will always be able to answer any question.

A: Which group of users do you expect the maximum response from?

Oleksandr: Primarily, ONE is best for professional developers, they will be able to save a lot of money getting the most functional templates, plugins and other necessary elements for creating websites.

Of course, ONE is good for beginners, with this service they will be able to implement various functionalities, try multiple CMS, templates at no extra cost. Our support team will be there to help them to figure out all this diversity.

A: Max said that ONE will include website building assets (web templates, plugins, graphics), 24/7 support, and additional services. Can we get a little more details on that?

Oleksandr: The content of ONE was a real stumbling block for our team. In the beginning, we wanted to include all available products and hit the market with a huge product range. Then we’ve added support and decided to narrow down the product range.

We’ve chosen only the best-selling, and high-quality products. We took care of the assortment diversity to cover all the needs of our customers. So ONE includes products for all popular CMS, such as WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, and so on.

Also, we focused on the functionality to provide all the necessary solutions for building a website for any niche: blog, news portal, or an online store of any specialization.

As a result, we have included more than 8,000 products with a primary focus on quality. And this number is far from being final. We have a plan to add no less than 100 templates every month.

A: What is the download mechanism? How will it work?

Oleksandr: We wanted to create a super easy-to-use service. To download any product will be as simple as possible. Just click on the “Download” button and get anything you need. Without any emails, authorizations or filling out web forms.

ONE will have a convenient catalog with filters, so it will be very easy to choose a template. Look how it works on this demo video:

A: Why the project was named “ONE”? Were there any other options and why did you stop on this one?

Oleksandr: There was a great number of naming options, we had a lot of discussions on this topic and conducted multiple in-house surveys. We were not sure which one to choose: a unique name that would become recognizable enough to deliver enough of the brand traffic or a name with special meaning, that would emphasize values of the service and explain that we’ve collected all the necessary products for developers in one place.

And that’s how the ONE appeared. We decided to abandon branded traffic and used a clear word that denotes the mission and meaning of the product in the name itself. The One Subscription to Get Everything for Building Websites.

A: Are there any geographic-oriented offers in the subscription service ONE?

Oleksandr: Of course. We’ve selected the assortment keeping in mind global and local trends. For example, Asian countries prefer vibrant designs and simple style while Europeans prefer laconic ones. Here we’ve gathered a lot of designs to cater to international demand.

There’s also a list of plugins for CMS which are more popular in Europe than elsewhere. ONE contains a wide range of universal designs that can be modified for any project.

A: So the ONE is going to enter the worldwide market. Where do you expect to get maximum coverage?

Oleksandr: At first ONE will have an only English version, so at the beginning, we’ll focus on the United States, other English-speaking countries and partially Europe. But we already have a plan to localize the service. We have great expectations for South America and Asian markets.

A: What marketing activities will you perform? What kind of creativity should we wait? How do you plan to win the hearts of your audience?

Oleksandr: We believe that we’ve created a convenient service that our users will want to share organically. Of course, we’ll use other classical methods, and of course, we’re expecting a lot of activity from our affiliates. But the main goal is to make our product so interesting and necessary, that we will have visitors and substantial presence in social media.

A: If there were only three words to describe ONE, which ones would you choose?

Oleksandr: Once there was a problem with Twitter to express an idea in 140 characters. Your question is a lot more difficult 🙂

If there are only three words, then I'll cheat a little bit using long words: Must-have Developers Subscription.

That was an interview with the marketing lead of ONE by TemplateMonster, Oleksandr Zhurakovskiy. If you have more questions to Oleksandr, write them at the comment section and we’ll invite him to join the conversation here.

BTW, if you subscribe to ONE release notification before the March 12, you will get your early bird's 30% discount.

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