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WordPress Google Analytics Event Tracking: What is it and Why do We Use it?

  1. How to Track Your WordPress Site Performance in 2020
  2. How to Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Site
  3. Top 5 Best Google Analytics Counter Plugins

From year to year the IT sphere develops. As a result, there are many questions related to the protection of a website, its use, traffic verification, and tracking various operations on a website. An explanation of the data received from your site will show you how successfully you have achieved your goals, and sometimes this information may be quite interesting.

Sometimes by tracking the simplest things, you will be able to comprehend and realize what is raising the conversion of the site, and how to use this to increase your income. In this post, we will talk to you about how to use WordPress Google analytics event tracking, various data analysis plugins, and so forth.

WordPress Google Analytics Event Tracking.

How to Track Your WordPress Site Performance in 2020

By using the website you may not only provide information, but you may also receive it. In addition, you may track your site's performance, find out what exactly reduces site traffic and what you can do to increase your site's traffic, and identify key performance indicators.

By tracking all the important details, you will be able to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your own website and understand what you should work on in the beginning. Before you determine the performance of your site you need to specify what events you want to track. Each type of site has its own specific events.

Among the most common events that occur on each site are the following:

  1. Clicking a user on a video or photo.
  2. Clicking a visitor to fill out a form or to register on the site.
  3. Clicking on links and social networks.
  4. Downloading any material.

The determination of these actions helps in the following event tracking. The best way for WordPress event tracking is to use Google analytics service and different WordPress traffic plugins.


How to Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Site

If you would like to launch a profitable website, it is so important to have knowledge about your target audience and what they expect of your website. The best way to achieve this is to analyze your website traffic. More precisely, use Google Analytics. This is a free application from Google that gives you the ability to track your website customers, analyse their activities, data sources, social performance and many other types of relevant data.

By using the statistics of your website, you may create the content for your users. I guess it gets a lot easier if you know what your website visitors desire from you and your website. To get them back on your site all over again, you must give them what they want. That is exactly what Google Analytics does.

Google Analytics helps:

  1. In determining the behavior of your users. You can easily check the most viewed pages, the average time each page was viewed, and much more.
  2. To analyze the time with the most traffic on your website.
  3. In the analysis of important data; specifically, details from the visitors location to the language they speak and screen resolution, and so on.

So, to add WordPress Google analytics event tracking you need to:

  1. Create a Google Analytics account. The registration page is self-explanatory.
  2. Add code with a Google Analytics tracking ID to WordPress. There are several ways to add a Google Analytics tracking ID in WordPress: using the plugin, adding header.php tracking script to the file or creating a new function in functions.php. Choose any of the ways you like!

Top 5 Best Google Analytics Counter Plugins

Plugins can, without any exaggeration, be called the basis of your site: they perform all the important functions that both administrators and visitors use. A huge collection of all types of plugins is one of the main advantages of the WordPress platform. When searching for the right plugins you may spend a whole day or even longer. To save you time, I offer you a list of the best WordPress traffic plugins.

Finteza Analytics

This is a free web analytics plugin with almost unlimited web analytics capabilities. With this plugin you have the ability to monitor the number of visitors to the site, their location, languages and devices they use, page viewings and the complete events. In Finteza you will be able to view data about conversions, sources of transitions and get an assessment of traffic quality.

Finteza Analytics
Finteza Analytics
Developer: finteza
Price: Free

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP)

This is the most popular WordPress tracking plugin. It allows you to see all key data of your WordPress site. With this plugin you will get detailed reports on publications, actions on the site, and the productivity of each element of the site and posts. That is you may access all the details of traffic sources in realtime. Google Analytics' tracking code is fully customizable with parameters and hooks, allowing advanced data collection such as customizable metrics and events.

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress

This is a great Google analytics counter tracker. It is considered one of the best WordPress web analytics plugins. It is very easy to install and activate. In just a few clicks you can connect Google Analytics to your website. By using this site, you do not need to copy any code manually. All received data about the site, users and operations on the site are easy to analyze.

Download Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

This is the best WordPress traffic plugin for tracking actions in your online store. It allows you to quickly get an analysis of all the data, operations in your online store, and analysis of products that interest customers most. In addition, advanced e-commerce is supported by Universal Analytics. With this Google analytics counter tracker you will be able to quickly make effective decisions to improve the performance and other metrics of your website.

Analytics Cat - Google Analytics Made Easy

This is a high quality, great and fast way to add Google Analytics code to your website. The key task of this Google Analytics counter tracker is to add the code to your WordPress site. By doing this you will get analyses of all the operations on the site in just a few minutes. Analytics Cat is a separate plugin of Google Analytics for WordPress, so the software developers provide compatibility with future changes in Google Analytics.

Plugin Name Plugin Provider Price The Main Features
Finteza Analytics. Finteza Free
  1. All data is delivered to the system in full and without delays.
  2. All for free and with no limit on the number of sessions to be monitored.
  3. A wide range of tools for website conversion and optimization.
  4. Counter code integration in all pages of the site.
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP). ExactMetrics Free
  1. Facilitates keyword analysis, page optimization and competitor analysis, helps companies to optimize their website, generate traffic and track competition.
  2. Helps to improve the effectiveness of the site.
  3. Realtime number of visitors and traffic sources details.
Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress. Analytify Free and paid versions
  1. Easy, fast and high-quality analysis of all data.
  2. WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are available as add-ons for tracking.
  3. Google Analytics statistics (general information) under individual posts/pages as a block in wp-admin.
  4. Getting all the analyses in just a few minutes.
Download Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce. Tatvic Free
  1. Analysis and reports of website purchases, sales effectiveness, etc.
  2. Allows companies to maximize the use of Google Analytics—Enhanced Ecommerce.
  3. E-commerce is supported by Universal Analytics.
  4. It is a very high quality and effective plugin for web analytics.
Analytics Cat - Google Analytics Made Easy. Fatcat Apps Free
  1. An easy and reliable way to get all the data about the site.
  2. Analytics Cat is designed to support Universal Analytics.
  3. Due to full integration with WordPress, the plugin works perfectly with all valid WordPress themes that can be used to create websites.


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