How To Define The Target Audience of Your Project

  1. Where To Start?
  2. Target Audience Analysis Itself
  3. What Does It Give To You?
  4. 3 Things Your Advertisement Shouldn’t Include To Make The Best Connections With Your Audience

There is only one winning strategy. It is to carefully define the target market and direct a superior offering to that target market.

Philip Kotler

Each experienced businessman and entrepreneur can prove that one of the most critical elements in the strategic management of any project is an analysis of the target audience. Because the right concentration on your customers can enhance all your efforts to make something worthy and unique; something that will attract people and fit their needs. It also can show if the advertising of your business works or not.

So, we are going to talk about the ways of identifying your potential clients. No matter what a project you are working on, what service or product you can propose. Knowing your target audience will help you use your time and invest your resources reasonably.

Omit ungrounded ideas and find out how many people are ready to spend their money on your kind of products. Remember that all your advertising campaign may fail when you try to appeal to everyone at once. It’s always easier to get the interest of some smaller groups of people.

As a matter of fact, in marketing, the term “target audience” means a particular group of customers that have shared characteristics and are more likely to choose your product or kind of service. Narrowing your focus to a core audience helps you create a successful marketing strategy.

Keep on reading to meet the steps you need to follow to analyze your target audience.

Where To Start?

As a beginning, ask yourself a few simple questions, like:

  • What are the main features of your product?
  • What are the benefits that highlight your company among your competitors?
  • Whom do you want to attract? Think about the portrait of your ideal client.
  • Have you already made a digital place for the promotion of your business?
Target Audience

Target Audience Analysis Itself

Step #1

Discover the desired aim of your target audience:

  • to buy your product or service;
  • to donate to your organization;
  • to be a volunteer for your events;
  • or other.

Step #2

Identify the demographic groups of your target audience. Pay your attention not only to the most interested segments of customers but also to people who tend to join your company (as volunteers or trainees, for example).

You can divide them according to the following factors:

  • Age Group;
  • Gender (female, male, both);
  • Location (local, regional, national &/or urban, suburban, rural);
  • Marital/Family Status;
  • Income Level;
  • Education Level;
  • Occupation.

Step #3

Try to understand the ways of your clients’ thinking, accepting:

  • Personality Types;
  • Attitudes;
  • Values;
  • Interest/Hobbies;
  • Lifestyles;
  • Behaviors.

Use Google Analytics to make this process easier.

Step #4

Talk to people, show them your empathy for their needs. Ask them to leave their comments on your website, to fill in form alive (in a shopping centre, for example). Create a call-center department of your company and give the answers to all possible questions of your current and future clients. Give a phone call to trusted customers to understand what you do right and what needs to be modernized.

Find out what your target audience wants if they have some challenges or disappointments. To comfort them and make them trust you are the must-do things of your marketing strategy.

website themes

Step #5

Consider what normally drives your target audience to choose the products or services of your spectrum. Improving your product, just do your best to make it better, more lucrative and useful to motivate your clients to pay for it. Examine if these people currently use your product or kind of services, and what they like the most

Step #6

Detect what media your customers prefer. If it’s possible, let them see your advertisement in every newspaper, magazine they read, and of course, be watching TV.

Also, include social networks. Just get assured that the information about your company is available on Instagram or Facebook. So, spend some time to create representative accounts of your company in social nets. And then fasten it to your main website. Leave the links to your social pages there.

Step #7

Don’t forget to make the analysis of your competitors and make subways of new customers regularly, be open to new ideas. Keep on cooperating with your clients and always be attentive to their wills.

What Does It Give To You?

  • The information about how to get to your customers and grab their attention (their preferences about social networks, blogs they read, websites they like to visit, the stuff they google).
  • Now you know how to structure and prioritize content on your site.
  • The 100% assurance about the thing your clients don’t like or prefer the most.
  • The ability to regulate your prices policy correctly.
Target Audience

Ready To Use Website

3 Things Your Advertisement Shouldn’t Include To Make The Best Connections With Your Audience

As it has been already mentioned, there are various alternatives for the promotion of any company today. Spread the textual and illustrated information about your business to newspapers, TV, make your personal website and so on. The direct way to success is when you use them all. So, have a look at three the most common mistakes that can scare away your audience.

Thinking that your target audience is the same as you are

We are all different, and there is no surprise that people who choose products or service may be widely different from your priorities or taste. Even if you are passionate about your work, don’t be assured that your clients will like some intrusive behaviour. Also, accept the fact that no one will like when someone mocks at their way of lifestyle or self-realization.

So, trying to show the values of dealing with you, don’t use the words and phrases that can offend your addressees, don’t annoy your clients with “buy, buy, buy!” Let your advertisement give them the emotion that may make them happier.

Your audience knows the same things you know

What does it mean? Unfortunately, often, people deny wasting their time on the things that seem to have the special education to be understood. Act like a real journalist writing in a lively explicable manner. Use clear, simple phrases and words that are related to your demographic group. No long sentences of Thomas Mann, in any case, your blog articles or polished advertisements are not worthy to spend a lot of time on their reading. Respect your audience’s spare time.

Your clients care about your brand

This statement is more for democratic brands with a liberal price policy. Believe that most people care about their families, friends, and themselves. Make them understand that your product is not harmful to their health; not expensive; and brings them joy or makes them look young and modern. So, don’t tell them from the very first line that your company is the best thing in the market. Show them your attitude.

Target Audience

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