How To Sell Keynote Templates with TemplateMonster

Keynote is software for creating presentations that provides effective animation. In addition, it allows you to record audio directly while working on the project to produce sound. Throughout the work, you can follow your every step and, if necessary, edit. So, why not earn money by selling templates? Are you the one who designs only quality items? Then join our marketplace and generate income from each product sold. But where to start? What trends to follow? How much exactly will you get if you decide to sell on our marketplace? Explore your options and get answers to all your questions on the way to become one of our authors.

What is Keynote and Why Will It Always be a Popular?

Keynote is the name of the lectures given by Steve Jobs on behalf of the Apple company. These conferences are so-called because they are quite specific. Steve Jobs is known for his vibrant speaking style and thrilling audiences, especially during his speeches at Macworld conferences. The uniqueness of his introductory speeches has led many in the English-speaking Macintosh community to call "Keynotes" "Stevenotes."

The service offers various ways to create professional presentations. You can choose one of 30 designs or develop your own with a variety of tools. This presentation program also lets you draw layouts, shapes, and other trimmings with the Apple Pencil if you're using an iPad.

Trendy Template: What Does It Look Like?

Following trends is always a good idea, especially in web design, because the main task of a web designer is to make the appearance of his project attractive to the client. However, some trends are dangerous because they can, on the contrary, scare away the potential client or disorient and make them doubt something. So, let's take a closer look at a couple of trends this year to avoid in design if you want to sell your templates later.

  • Neutral colors. These types of colors have been trending over the past few years. An example can be considered in various designs, for example, Apple's. From the bright iPhone XR to the calm and pastel iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. In web design, this shift towards less vibrant colors is also seen. The human eye is more likely to perceive tones that are relaxing - let's call it that. But despite the popularity of neutral colors, they are less noticeable on the background of bright ones. So you should find a design that is not too faded and does not strain your eyes either.
  • Neoformism. The senior designer at 99designs, Claire Taylor, describes neoformism as a new skeuomorphism that transforms the flat design we are used to into 3D objects. It is an imitation of the volume of an object due to its detailing and casting shadows. This trend is dangerous because you can go too far with small details that do not carry any meaning. This can negatively affect the perception of the image.
  • Abstract graphic compositions. At first glance, abstractions from the simplest geometric shapes, such as squares, circles, triangles, ovals, etc., may seem primitive. But when combined and animated correctly, the figures create a composition that attracts a person and evokes emotions. In 2021, designers are actively using this trend when creating a website interface. The risk of this trend is that it can overload the site with animation, possibly even mixing different effects, which can look terrible. Moreover, it is worth remembering that the animation should be smooth because any sudden movements can push the person away.
  • Scrolling transformation. In 2021, web designers have high hopes for scrolling, which creates a need to generate feedback that users will receive as they scroll through the site. This trend makes the reader feel like interacting with the site, not just turning pages, thanks to animations or other actions triggered when performing certain activities. However, the danger here is the same as in abstract graphic compositions - the possibility of overdoing it with animation. Moreover, excessive use of this trend can disorient the site user.

On the other hand, simplicity, fluidity, animation, novelty, and minimalism are trendy in web design this year. So try to integrate these techniques into your projects. But do not forget about the traps that you can fall into if you use certain methods incorrectly.

How to Prepare Templates for Uploading?

Here is a brief guideline on how to prepare your templates for selling:

  1. First, save your template in PSD source files (for modification goals) and add a short description to each product. Remember, your description must be relevant and provide the reader with useful information about this item. It means that the more precise information about the product is, the more chances it will be sold.
  2. For image standards, please go to the requirements for images and promo materials page for more information.
  3. Try to delete any links to third parties and use text context written in English.
  4. Think of an unusual, brandable name. The product's title should have a maximum of 5-6 words. Consult the product naming guidelines to know more.
  5. With clear documentation, you can better explain how the template functions and how to customize it to potential customers.
  6. Do you wish the product to be sold fast and frequently? Then, include keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions. These three components will allow search engines to get the essential information about a particular item.

Become an Author at TemplateMonster

Become author picture.

Why should you choose TemplateMonster marketplace as a platform for your projects? We are a global marketplace where anyone can get multipurpose web solutions for any type of project. Here we gathered WordPress themes, handy plugins, or beautiful graphics, and much more. Once you decide to become part of our family, you can advertise and sell your designs 24/7. Besides, you will get powerful community support to master existing and new skills. We also provide:

  • High commission rates.
  • A straightforward approval process.
  • Transparent payment methods.
  • Other benefits you will enjoy having.

So, your next step should be:

  1. Create an account.
  2. After that, you have to upload your best graphic works.
  3. Wait for approval.
  4. Get feedback within a maximum of 12 hours.
  5. Get a 65% commission from every sale (including exclusive or non-exclusive deals).
  6. Consult the recommended price range page to know more about prices you should consider for graphics.
  7. In this video, you will find detailed information on how to upload your works. Please watch it carefully as it precisely describes every step you will go through. Moreover, you can check out TemplateMonster's YouTube channel for other valuable tutorials, including design trends, template customization, and others.

What Can You Sell?

Our marketplace is steadily growing and receives many multipurpose items. Upload all types of digital products, including:

  1. Various handy plugins and extensions.
  2. Modern presentation templates in Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google Slides format.
  3. Professional website templates and themes.
  4. Template of CV, business card, or event invitation.
  5. All types of vectors, logos, illustrations, popular fonts, and other graphics-related projects.

If you have a new type, please send us a request, and we will allocate it where necessary. For example, you need to have 15-10 designs/a minimum of 10 new templates to launch a new item category. Just send it to [email protected], and we will create a new division of that type. Remember to name the subject line as a "New product category at TemplateMonster."

Topics Covered 

Create great web assets related to different spheres, including:

  • Business;
  • Fashion and beauty;
  • Design and photography;
  • Sports and outdoor activities;
  • Traveling;
  • Education;
  • Art and culture;
  • People around us, and far more.
  • Visit our page and learn more.

Examples of Newest Keynote Templates 

Foodle Food Review Keynote Template

Foodle Food Review Keynote Template.

Foodle Food Review Keynote template is a great choice for those looking to establish an HoReCa online business. Its design is illuminated by the orange color spectrum, well known to provoke a healthy appetite. It also looks contemporary and up to the highest standards. Besides, the template is super easy to edit, add and delete various elements. The Foodle Food Review Keynote Template is packed with visual elements such as infographics, diagrams, indexes, etc., to make it easier for the audience to digest the information. Here are some of the main features of the template:

  1. Modern design;
  2. Flexible layout;
  3. Easy to use and navigate;
  4. Animated slides included;
  5. Custom-made infographics.

Foodle Food Review Keynote Template will help you make a statement across the food-related industries and present your business in the best light ever.

Hanassi Real Estate Keynote Presentation Template

HANASSI - Keynote template.

Hanassi Real Estate Keynote Presentation Template can be the best weapon to hit the global real estate market. Simply designed yet fully informative, it is equipped with all the necessary features to impress the audience. No more boring numbers and endless texts! This template includes loads of interactive objects and infographics. Just check out the benefits of the Real-estate Keynote presentation template: 

  1. Prominent and airy design;
  2. Fully adaptable and customizable layout;
  3. Lots of infographics, interactive elements, and icons;
  4. Master slide-based;
  5. Perfect for big-screen resolution.

Use the Real estate Keynote presentation template for your online business now. Don't wait for an opportunity - create it! 

Educator - School Keynote Template

Educator - School Keynote Template.

Educator - School Keynote template can be the top-notch choice for anyone willing to create an online educational source such as schools, private tutoring, online courses, etc. Its smart and modest layout scheme was designed specifically to fulfill the needs of the academic community. It prioritizes the studying purpose rather than anything else. Get to know the major characteristics of the Educator template:

  1. Smart and elegant design;
  2. All elements are adaptable and adjustable;
  3. Drag and Drop feature included;
  4. Based on Master Slides;
  5. Runs amazing on the big screens.

Don't be shy. Present yourself to the world through the Educator - School Keynote template! Remember that the secret of getting ahead lies in getting started. 

How Much Will You Earn?

We have different commission rates. It also depends if you sell items exclusively on our marketplace. For example, get up to 70% commission for sales via the TemplateMonster platform only, or 40% including deals via other platforms. The table below shows commission payments paid for specific items. 

Product Type Exclusive Deal Commision  Non- Exclusive Deal Commision 
WordPress 50-65% 40%
HTML 50-65% 40%
ECommerce 50-65% 40%
CMS 50-65% 40%
Plugin 50-65% 40%
Presentation 65% 65%
Graphics 65% 65%
Video/Audio 65% 65%

How to Withdraw Your Earnings?

Suppose your template met all quality requirements and was successfully sold. In that case, you are required to fill in the billing data to receive money. Then, all you have to do is send a scan of any valid government-issued ID (passport or driver's license). After that, your account will get verified and receive confirmation. When using PayPal or Payoneer, you get payments from $100. Wire Transfer withdrawals start from an account balance of $600. Our authors may withdraw their funds two times a month. The time of payment always depends on the date of the months you inquire about the withdrawal, for example:

  1. Between the 10-24th days of the month, you get the money during the 26th - 31st month days.
  2. The request between 25-9th days, you collect the payment on the 11th - 15th.

The Final Thoughts

Keynote is software for creating digital presentations. This is free software for macOS. The service also supports the PowerPoint format - this is convenient if your colleague or classmate does not have Keynote. Still, you need to work together on the project. And this is not a scoop: every business needs a professional presentation to promote itself. The objectives can be various: sell products or services, develop expertise, present your work (portfolio, videos, articles, etc.), establish credibility, etc. Either way, the showslide should be visually appealing. That is when your web talent and desire to earn cash come to the stage. Besides, nowadays, it is easier than ever to sell digital items globally. Although this web segment is pretty developed and even overcrowded, people want high-quality, difficult things to find. So, generate your income today with TemplateMonster.

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How to Sell Keynote Templates FAQ

Exclusive and non-exclusive Keynote template deals, what is the difference?

Exclusive items are solely on the TemplateMonster marketplace only. It means that they cannot be advertised on other platforms. But you are free to present non-exclusive items on other websites.

What are the image quality standards for selling Keynote templates?

Any preview image must perfectly represent the selected niche or topic. In addition, it should have a good quality without any promotional text.

What are the most popular design topics for Keynote templates?

We do not limit you here. We accept all the designs suitable for various projects. Furthermore, if you sign up for a newsletter, you can get news about the most popular products on the marketplace.

How to receive money for selling Keynote templates?

You have many options available, including Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer payment methods. The withdrawal request can be approved twice per month. Before the withdrawal, we need to verify your account with the help of an ID or driver's license.

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