Magento Promo Banner Widget – How to Use & Where to Find?

If you own an eCommerce business, you are likely to be running promo campaigns once in a while.

What's the best way to bring the public attention to your special deals? Without a slight doubt, a banner is the best way to communicate your message to the buyers in the clear visual style. We have good news for all Magento fans.

The inventory of Magento 2.2 themes has been expanded with ready-made designs featuring the usable Magento promo banner widget.

Magento promo banner is a brand-new feature that was added to Magento themes. Although it is not available for the independent download, there are a number of the ready-made themes that come integrated with the respective functionality.

How to Use Magento Promo Banner

Magento Promo Banner is a custom widget that was developed for Magento themes from the TemplateMonster digital marketplace exclusively.

Magento Promo Banner is a widget that allows you to display banners on any page of your site. This can be the homepage, category page, product page, cart, etc. The widget displays images and cms-blocks banner types.

With the help of the Magento Promo Banner, you can:

  • display a page-width promo banner at the header of the site;
  • place the banner in any content area of your site;
  • apply custom settings for the banner size;
  • manage how/where/when the banner will be displayed on your site, etc.

In order to start working with the Promo Banner widget, navigate to Content >Widgets, and click Add Widget.

Promo Banner widget

To manage the Storefront Properties, navigate to the Setting section, select the Type field, and choose Promo Banner. In the Design Theme field, choose the appropriate theme, and click Continue.

Storefront Properties

Next, choose the type of the banner that you'd like to be added to your site. Select the design and set the widget title. The latter won't be visible on the frontend. Choose the store(s) where you'd like the banner to be displayed.

Sort order option will be useful for those pages, where there are several widgets being displayed in the same position. For example, the widget with the sort order set to 1 will be displayed at the top, before the widget 3.

Storefront Properties

In the Layout Updates section, specify the place where you'd like the banner to be displayed.

Layout Updates

In order to manage Promo Banner widget settings, go to the Widget Options section. This is where you can enable or disable the banner, set From Dat and To Date, select the date and time when the specific Promo Banner will be active.

Promo Banner widget settings

Magento Promo Banner supports 2 types of promo banners - Image and CMS Block. Each of them is set up independently.

In order to add the Image type of promo banner to your site, simply upload the image that you want to use for your banner.

Image type promo banner

Below the Insert image button, you will see the image tag in a separate field.

Insert image

In order to replace the banner image, save the widget settings. Next, click the Insert image button >browse the needed image file > insert file.

If you choose the CMS Block, you can either choose from available or create new CMS Static Block. In order to create the new one, tap Content > Elements > Blocks.

CMS Block

Click "Add New Block", assign a Block Title, enter the unique identifier for the block.

Add New Block

Choose for which Store View the block should be available. Complete the Content block as needed. Insert widget, image, and variable.

Store View

As soon as you finish, click Save Block to save the changes.

Magento Themes with Magento Promo Banner

The inventory of TemplateMonster Magento themes grows bigger and powerful with every new release. There is a set of Magento 2.2 themes featuring the Promo Banner widget. Take a look at the most popular eCommerce solutions below.

Articon - Art Gallery Store Magento Theme

The theme will appeal to everyone looking for a creative design for their web store. The theme is loaded with all functionality needed to showcase the art gallery objects effectively and sell them for profit. A collection of custom Magento modules and extensions is included for free use. The theme contains a range of pre-designed pages. All of them feature fully editable layouts that can be personalized as per your taste.

Demo | Details

Fashion Slash - AMP Fashion Boutique Magento Theme

The clean and elegant style of the theme will be the perfect fit for fashion stores. The usable MegaMenu makes it easier for the web users to reach the necessary product categories with a few clicks. The newsletter subscription pop-up welcomes the users to learn about your updates from the email inbox. The theme is AMP-ready, which means that all content is optimized for a speedy and seamless performance on the smaller screens.

Demo | Details

Albedo - Audio Store Magento Theme

The theme is best suited to be used for car audio shops. It is optimized for a flawless performance in all web environments. The fully editable layout is ready to be adjusted to fit your brand ideally. Custom extensions are included in the theme for free. Ajax-based functionality is intended to enhance the site browsing and products search to the great degree.

Demo | Details

StereoCar - Car Audio Store Magento Theme

The theme is best suited to be used for cars and bikes related shops. It features a responsive and fully editable layout. The theme is loaded with a rich collection of custom modules worth $1060. Advanced product filters and usable navigation patterns will enhance the users' online shopping experience.

Demo | Details

This is how to work with Magento Promo Banner. The functionality is sold as part of the theme download packages only. Do you want to run the promo campaigns similar to the ones that you can see in the TemplateMonster marketplace? Go ahead and download any of these pre-designed Magento 2.2 templates.

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